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Private Browser by Simplex Solutions app review: enjoy anonymous browsing



We've found a private browsing app that makes it possible for you to surf the net from your mobile device yet remain completely anonymous. The Private Browser by Simplex Solutions app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and ensures completely data protection and anonymity. This is done by using proxy technology and VPN servers so that you have the peace of mind that your identity is always kept private. The safety features are only part of the package though as there are plenty of other notable features here.

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Private Browser - Surf Safe


Private and Secure Browsing

So what does the Private Browser by Simplex Solutions app offer users, the privacy to surf the Internet anytime they like and remain anonymous at all times. The iPhone private browser makes use of proxy technology over VPN servers, which is how you end up with data protection at all times. This won’t slow down your Internet surfing either as you’ll still be able to enjoy fast speeds. Some of the standout features here are the fact there is local security, the app uses incredibly strong and effective encryption methods, there is individual application access, and you there is a global server selection.

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The app is free to use and requires iOS 7.1 or later. It currently has a perfect five star rating from users who rave about the privacy it offers, how convenient it is, and that you can browse without any worry of your identity being revealed. Its recent update improved the performance of the app even further giving users more to rave about.

Private and Secure Browsing image

Additional Features

The Private Browser by Simplex Solutions app uses encryption methods that are very much like VPN Unlimited. When you launch the app you'll have the ability to choose a server from any country listed, which will keep your location private at all times. In order to provide local protection there is a password, pass code available, and a pattern lock. Choose from the standard mode or improved security mode for that extra bit of privacy, you'll have access to territory restricted content, and you can clear all browsing with the included tool.

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Your browsing experience isn't just fast it's also smooth and you can have up to 25 tabs open at the same time. When scrolling you can make use of the fast tab option, Google is the default search tool, and there is a fully functioning bookmark tool.

Additional Features image

Private Browser - Surf Safe


Pros and Cons


  • That takes a number of powerful steps in order to ensure you can browse anonymously
  • Pick your server from a list of available worldwide ones
  • There are extra security measures the app offers
  • Online browsing is fast and simple
  • You can have up to 25 tabs open at once
  • There is a bookmark tool


  • This one will require iOS 7.1 or later to use

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Final Words

The Private Browser by Simplex Solutions app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone will answer your needs if you’re looking to browse the Internet without worrying about your personal information getting out there.

Private Browser - Surf Safe

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