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Spirit Walkers app review: watch out for the witch!



Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch HD (Full) is an iPad app that was inspired by the legend of a hiker-attacking ghost living in the forest. Join Maylynn and a group of friends as they decide to investigate.

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Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch HD (Full)


Spooky Journey into the Woods

Spirit Walkers is a spooky journey into the woods to investigate a legend of a hiker-attacking ghost that lives in the forest. The character Maylynn and her friends have decided to go on an entertaining trip to investigate the legend, and almost immediately things take a turn for the worse. One friend becomes seriously injured, and in order for the group to survive, they must travel between times and dimensions to overcome the ancient evil. This is the only way that they can save the souls of the innocent.

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To achieve this goal, you must solve brain-twisting puzzles and explore the world of ghosts and lost souls in the heart-pounding adventures. With beautiful 3D graphics, eerie engaging atmosphere, and nearly 20 ingenious puzzles, the intriguing storyline is sure to draw you in again and again.


Spirit Walkers is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese for those who speak a language other than English. If you like to see how your friends are doing, or how you are doing compared to other players, then you’ll really like the Game Center support as well. It means that you can play with your friends without needing to be in the same place, because you can check their scores as you go along.

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Now, due to the quality of the graphics, the game will only run on iPad1, iPad2, New iPad/iPad3 4.3+ firmware. It cannot be played on iPhones, so you’ll need your larger, more powerful tablet to enjoy the game. The astonishing 3D graphics can only be experienced while playing the game. The screenshots really don’t do them justice, so if you’re game, download and give this adventure a try.

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch HD (Full)


Pros & Cons


  • Amazing graphics
  • 32 locations to travel to and explore
  • Nearly 20 ingenious puzzles
  • Intriguing storyline
  • Game Center support to play with friends, track score, and more


  • $4.99 is a bit pricey

Final Thoughts

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch HD (Full) is an iPad game that takes full advantage of the iPad’s amazing display capabilities. With astonishing 3D graphics that will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of the 32 gorgeous locations, and nearly 20 ingenious puzzles. All of this is presented in an intriguing storyline that will draw you in and have you coming back again and again to play and experience more. Overall, the developers have thought of a lot in designing this great-looking, great storyline-providing game.


Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch HD (Full)

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