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Money Network Mobile app review: account management tool for MN Cardholders 2021



It is of paramount importance to keep track of your finances to achieve your financial goals. The Money Network app is a bank balance app developed by First Data Corporation to help Money Network cardholders access their bank accounts using their iPhone or iPad devices.

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Currently, this banking app's default languages are English and Spanish. Let's dig deeper into this app with our Money Network review. 

Money Network Mobile App


What to Expect

Simply put, Money Network Mobile is an iOS application that is tailored to help MN clients to monitor their bank account balance without having to go to a bank. Since its introduction into the market, it has amassed thousands of reviews from clients who now use it on daily basis from anywhere in the world.

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However, it is important to note that your device has to be connected to a reliable Internet connection to access all its features.

By using this app, you will be able to view all the recent transactions such as account maintenance fees, pending deposits, ATM withdrawals, and more. Privacy is one of the major aspects that the developers put into consideration when creating the app.

All the information that is presented is transferred through encrypted systems and stored in a secure database so you can rest assured that your privacy and confidentiality will never be compromised. 

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Best Features

There are a number of features that place Money Network Mobile miles ahead of the competition. One of its highlights is the user-friendly interface that is seamlessly easy to navigate.

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All the icons and pages are clearly labeled; you just need to swipe your screen or touch a particular icon to access your account information.

The developer has also worked to include special built-in features that ensure that all the information displayed is accurate and updated. For instance, each transaction has a date to help you recall if you actually authorized that transaction.

You can always file a dispute with the bank if any of the details are incorrect though chances of such incidents occurring are nil.

Another major attribute is the dynamic search feature that allows you to find a specific transaction faster and more conveniently. All you need to do is filter the data available based on the date or type of transaction.

Again, this is utterly easy as the interface is very user friendly and lists all the transactions in a chronological manner.

You no longer have to go to an ATM machine to check your bank balance. Money Network Mobile will automatically alert you using push notifications whenever one of your clients sends money to your account. This helps save time for other income-generating activities.

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Money Network Mobile App


Pros and Cons


  • Can be used from anywhere in the world
  • 100% secure
  • Easy to use
  • Has a dynamic search feature that allows one to find specific transactions in seconds
  • Has a user-friendly interface


  • You might experience some connectivity and stability issues

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Final Thoughts

Money Network Mobile is a reliable and secure account management tool that you can use to take full control of your bank account. 

Money Network Mobile App

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