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Memory app review: premium version with words, images, letters, and numbers cards 2021



Memory - Premium is an iPhone memory game app that has all the memory skill games you could ever want. In this memory game app, there are five difficulty levels, and five levels to master in each will keep you working on your skills of concentration and memory.

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For more details on the features and functions of this top memory game app for iPhone and iPad, keep reading our Memory app review below.

Memory - Premium


Classic Memory Game with More Decks

Memory - Premium has many options for you to enjoy playing. Practice your concentration and memory skills with decks that have words, images, letters, numbers, and more. It also connects to Game Center to keep your best scores saved, and provides hours of fun.

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This is one of the first board games I introduce to my kids. The memory game can be played with as few as four cards and up to the complete set. There are multiple sets you can get in the stores for board games, and the app also has additional sets.

What I like about the app is that you don’t have to worry about the toddler throwing the cards that you aren’t using.

Honestly, this is a big deal to me. I like to put them away matched so I can grab a couple pairs for her to match and move on, and when I’m playing on the floor she always manages to get the box one way or another and dump it.

I’m then left picking up and matching the cards because she can’t focus long enough to help. By playing in the app I completely bypass this possibility and can set how many cards are available too.

Classic Memory Game with More Decks image

Free Version or Paid

Memory - Premium is the full version of a free app. The free version includes one deck and a few options, but the full version includes five difficulties with five levels for each. That makes 25 levels in all. Plus, it’s supported in English, Spanish, and French.

This means that the word cards will appear in your language and be spoken in your language. That’s very important because if the cards remain in English and you’re a French speaking person who can’t read or understand English, then the cards not switching isn’t going to help you learn.

This brings us to the educational aspect of the app. Because there are word cards, your child can learn sight words. If your child is in grades JK through Grade 2, then the words will start to stick and make reading easier for them when it’s time for school work.

Free Version or Paid image

Memory - Premium


Pros & Cons


  • Free version available
  • 5 difficulties with 5 levels each
  • Additional card sets with words, images, letters, numbers, and more
  • Game Center support
  • Multiple language support
  • No in-app purchases or advertising


  • Free version is not full, and full version is $4.99

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Memory - Premium is an iPhone and iPad memory game that will have you matching images, words, letters, numbers, and more. It has five difficulties with five levels each for 25 different levels in all.

If you’re competitive then you can watch your score on Game Center. This memory game is great from about two through adult depending on the difficulty level you’ve set.

Memory - Premium

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