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WordWorld Tales app review: interactive stories for kids



Here's a brand new release that is sure to entertain kids through a variety of engaging and fun appisodes, many of which are free. The WordWorld Tales app can be used on your iPad and is meant for kids aged five and under. WordWorld Tales is actually an Emmy award-winning series that is on PBS Kids. While the appisodes are most certainly cute and entertaining they do have an educational aspect to them as they are meant to help teach literacy skills.

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WordWorld Tales


Collect and Create

As the developer explains, the WordWorld Tales app gives kids a chance to explore, collect, and then create different elements as they watch the appisode which then allows them to make a personalize learning experience. The appisodes are made up of all kinds of fun stories that come to life as children touch the words. This is how they literacy is introduced because they will touch on the words and learn about them. As mentioned this one is for kids' ages three through five. Other skills that the app touches upon are letter knowledge, phonics, print awareness, vocabulary development, and more.

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Because this app is brand new there are no updates as of yet or a customer rating. This one requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and is free to download and then there are various in-app purchases priced at $1.99 each. You are given some free appisodes to begin with. The developer has plans to add new appisodes soon.

Kids can enjoy a couple of free appisodes
Kids can enjoy a couple of free appisodes

Engaging Appisodes

When you launch the WordWorld Tales app you will be treated to a couple of free appisodes that are bound to get the attention of your kids. The free ones are "A Christmas Present for Dog" where kids will explore what exactly is wrong with the present that Santa gave this cute dog. This one will take a look at word building, letter recognition, and writing letters. Kids will also be able to enjoy "Happy Birthday, Dog" where dog will find himself surprised with the party thrown in his honor. Again this one will take a look at word building, letter recognition, and also print awareness.

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There's a good chance that after exploring the free appisodes they'll want more, which are available as in-app purchases. It would be nice to see more appisodes added, which it seems like the developer has plans for. Exploring the stories is kid-friendly and fun and this one even allows for independent play.

Kids will love the characters in these stories
Kids will love the characters in these stories

WordWorld Tales


Pros and Cons


  • Users are given a couple of appisodes for free
  • There are interactive elements of the appisodes
  • A variety of skills are touched upon and encouraged
  • Kids can use this app on their own as it is kid-friendly


  • You are only given a couple of stories for free
  • It would be nice to see more content added

WordWorld Tales screenshot
WordWorld Tales screenshot

Final Thoughts

The WordWorld Tales for your iPad gives kids a fun way to learn a variety of skills ideal for their age group. 


WordWorld Tales

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