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Combo Quest app review: a fun role-playing adventure



Mobile game apps have a unique ability to relax the brain and help kids discover their talents as they grow. Combo Quest is a fun app developed by Tapinator, LLC to give you an epic and role-playing adventure. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English. 

Combo Quest


How to Play Combo Quest

Combo Quest is indeed one of the best mobile app games in the Apple Store today. You will play the game as a knight on a heroic and adventurous quest to recover the Combo Crown. Unlike other similar quest games, you will be alone throughout the adventure so you must make informed decisions to battle vicious enemies and beast along the way. In the end, you will come face-to-face with the villain dragon that protects the crown.

To give you an upper hand, the game will automatically give you mystical help as you progress but this is dependent on your success rating. For instance, the physical damage update will have detrimental physical impact on your enemies while the maximum health will boost your life. There is also a Combo damage upgrade that triples the multiplier dealt when you launch the ultra combo attack.

Best Features

One of the best features of this game is the magical potions that you can use to gain superpowers. However, you must fight and defeat the Iron Knight to find out what these potions are all about. It also has unique time-tap action that is extremely easy to learn. However, you need to master it to increase your chances of recovering the crown.

There is no limit on the number of times that you can restart the game in fact, the only limits are your skills and the amount of free time that you have. The new visual upgrades allow you to see your character progress and become the gold armored knight.

Just like any other challenging game, you will have to master the moves to boss your enemies using your special strategies and attacks. The developers have also gone a step further to incorporate an exciting sound track that will help you focus and feel like a hero as you fight the opponents.

It is also important to take note of the fact that there are four beautiful seasons and infinite years because this quest is designed to never end. The graphics are quite intriguing and fun to play with. Be on the lookout for surprise attacks from your enemies.

Combo Quest


Pros and Cons


  • Great user interface
  • No prior experience is required
  • Adventurous quest that is so real and it never ends the number of years is infinite
  • No Internet access is required
  • Does not affect other functions of your phone in any way


  • This app does not give credit or points to players as they progress to keep them motivated

Final Thoughts

Combo Quest a fair app that is worth trying out if you love playing adventurous quests games. 

Combo Quest

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