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Easy 5K app review: perfect your running skills by training with the legend-Jeff Galloway



Running is one of easiest ways of staying fit. However, you need to do it right to avoid injuries. Easy 5k is a smart iTunes application developed by LOLO to help yours acquire the skills required to take part in this sport. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language. 

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Easy 5K - Run/Walk/Run Beginner and Advanced Training Plans with Jeff Galloway


Hone Your Running Skills Using Jeff Galloway Training Method

Easy 5k is based on Jeff Galloway’s training method. Who is Jeff Galloway? He is a legendary runner who ran alongside Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Steve Prefontaine, and Amby Burfoot in Olympics Marathon races. He ran 130 marathons and still participates in 7 marathon contests every year. In addition, he is a professional running coach with over 30 years experience. Most of the running books that he has written have generated millions of sales from all across the globe.

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Unlike other similar apps, the training method that it proposes can be used by people of all levels.

Run-Walk-Run is one of the training methods that you will acquire from this app. This strategy is based on the principles of High Intensity Training and is very effective in improving endurance. The developer has also gone a step further to use beat-sync technology that matches the tempo of music with your running pace. Studies show that music distracts the brain during physical exercise and forces the body to work even harder. Currently, there are 15 music tracks ideal for high-energy fitness that you can download for free to add value to your running session.

Best Features

GPS tracking is one of the best features of Easy 5k. As the name suggests, it uses innovative GPS technology to track your location, pace, and distance covered every time you decide to flex your muscles. However, it is important to note that the GPS works best outdoors with a clear view of the sky. If you prefer running indoors on a treadmill, use the built-in beat-synchronized music technology to set your pace.

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Running for long distances without taking a break can lead to muscle strains and injuries. The developers understand this fact too well as evident from the ability of this app to adjust your workout as per your fitness level. Simply put, you can reduce the intensity when you are feeling tired or increase it when ready to flex your muscles even further.

Experienced runners will love the additional seven-week program that is specifically tailored to improve their 5k race time. The interface is very clean and easy to navigate for all users. For instance, you will be able to seamlessly change workouts at any time that you want and the music and Jeff Galloway will respond immediately. 

Easy 5K - Run/Walk/Run Beginner and Advanced Training Plans with Jeff Galloway


Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for all levels of runners
  • Uses beat-sync technology to match your pace with music
  • GPS tracking to help you know the pace and distance covered


  • This app only concentrates on running exercise 

Final Thoughts

Easy 5K provides tested and proven running training methods that you can use to hone your skills and stay fit. 


Easy 5K - Run/Walk/Run Beginner and Advanced Training Plans with Jeff Galloway

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