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Jack's House app review: learn about life lessons



There are plenty of different things kids will learn about and some of that is as simple as life lessons. The Jack's House app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and presents a number of life lessons in a fun child-friendly manner. They will be following Jack through a variety of situations all of which help to develop your child's attention skills, perception, logic, and memory. This app features a number of mini-games that will engage and thrill kids age five and under.

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Educational games for kids - Jack's House


Toddlers are Presented with Engaging Lessons

Here's an opportunity to present your toddler with a variety of life lessons that are taught through cute and age-appropriate mini games. The Jack's House app is filled with cute animations, adorable characters, fun sounds, and music. The app has been made for toddlers, kids under the age of five, and what's great is that it adapts to your child's age level. There are all kinds of skills the activities will touch upon such as memory, logic, perception, and attention to detail. The user interface has been designed to be kid-friendly so that they can use it on their own and indulge in independent learning and exploration.

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Because this is a new release it doesn't yet have any updates or a customer rating. Customers have left a number of comments pointing out how fun it is, how interesting it is, and that it offers the perfect amount of challenge for kids. There are no in-app purchases necessary and this one requires iOS 6.0 or later to use.

Pick from a variety of activities
Pick from a variety of activities

Standout Features

The Jack's House app has a number of features worth noting including the fact there are different levels of difficulty. As for the games the app includes they take place in a variety of locations and will have kids performing all kinds of different activities. These include such activities as helping Jack to find his animals in his room so he can fall asleep, working on a castle puzzle with Jack, help Jack find the correct fish colors and shape at the lake, and more.

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When the app is launched kids can select which level, or which mini-game they want to play. All the games feature touch functionality and there are voice over instructions which also offer encouraging words for kids. The games are all stress free without timers so kids can just relax and focus on the actual activity.

The mini games feature cute graphics and sounds
The mini games feature cute graphics and sounds

Educational games for kids - Jack's House


Pros and Cons


  • The app features a variety of mini-games
  • All of the mini-games use touch functionality
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • The graphics and sounds are engaging and fun
  • The games adapt to your child’s skill level
  • This one is ideal for kids ages five and under


  • The only downfall is that kids will want even more activities to play

A fun way of learning!
A fun way of learning!

Final Words

The Jack’s House app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone touches upon a wide variety of skills and lessons through activities that adapt to your child’s skill level. The app is cute, child-friendly, and really well-done.


Educational games for kids - Jack's House

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