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tRixs! app review: a puzzle game with draw and play feel on a notebook background



tRixs! is an iPhone and iPad game that claims to be the smartest pentomino game ever. It randomly generates puzzles to bring you endless challenges. It is set in a notebook, which makes it feel like a draw-and-play game.

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Fun Puzzles

tRixs! has lots of fun puzzles for you to complete. Over 350 actually, and each has its own selection of bricks to use to complete the puzzle. For example there is one that has a bunny shape, and with Easter weekend fast approaching, this has been a favorite in my household. You are given an outline and a series of blocks. Your job is to fit these blocks together into the outline so that you don’t have any overhang, overlap, or go over the eyes or whatever other feature is present in the particular puzzle.

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I like the graphics in this game too; as mentioned, the puzzles are set on a notebook making it feel like you are playing a draw and play game. The undo, restart, and shapes are all colored as though in pencil crayon, and look like sketches. I really enjoyed this look and feel while trying it out with my artistic six-year-old.


tRixs! is set in a notebook with pencil crayon colored graphics. There are over 350 puzzles to try and challenge yourself with, and there is also an arcade mode with four difficulty levels. If you’re stuck, there are four kinds of hints, and there’s a nice selection of music although I always play with game music off myself. If you want to see your achievements and the leaderboard, then there’s that option too.

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I don’t really care about my score, because I’m never even remotely close to the leaders. I’ll be thinking “Wow! I finally got past my best score!” Then I’ll check the score on the lists and my 24,000 is several hundred thousand less than the current leader. I’m just not that good at videogames, but that’s fine with me! I liked this one, because it has you thinking and planning, not just an impulsive attempt.



Pros & Cons


  • $0.99 only
  • Lots of fun levels to master
  • Puzzle fun on notebook paper gives draw and play feeling


  • Can be tricky for younger players

Final Thoughts

tRixs! is an iPhone and iPad game that encourages you to fit the pieces into the game play without overlapping or going outside of the 350 levels of fun designs. There is a great notebook background with pencil crayon colored images that makes this feel like a draw and play game from grade school. Overall, they did a great job of designing and creating this game, and I will be playing it with my kids for many weeks to come.



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