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Little Dead Riding Hood app review: a great story book taking the classic tale to a new level



Little Dead Riding Hood is an iPhone and iPad story book that takes the classic fairy tale and gives it a twist. Red Riding Hood is long dead, and now she’s nothing but a skeleton.

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Little Dead Riding Hood


Red it Back

Little Dead Riding Hood is a fun take on a classic fairy tale. The story goes that “Many long years have gone by since Little Red Riding Hood fell ill and died.” Now she’s buried in the cemetery and enjoys scaring those who venture through. When they see her face, they scream. Well, what’s left of her face, because really she’s just a skeleton now. No flesh, just bone. None of that matters though, or that she only has one eye, because when she’s all dressed in her red hood everyone knows that she’s back, just now going by the name Little Dead.

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So the app is the tale of her new life’s story. My girls have been reading this adamantly even though I kept telling them I needed to review it first. They have really been enjoying the macabre story of Little Red turned Little Dead, and all of the twists to the new story.

Interactive Activities

Little Dead Riding Hood has interactive actions on each page. Little Dead blinks, turns her head, talks to you, and more. There’s also a great narrator to the story that will read through the book for your kids. I liked sitting with my girls while they explored it, and really enjoyed watching them laugh and smile.

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Some people may find that the dark dead character may be too scary for their kids. We play ‘I’m a zombie!” and pretend to eat the kids’ heads, and “I’m a vampire!” and pretend to suck their necks, so in our family it fits in perfectly. It’s not a scary story, and is really quite amusing. It’s just the next step in the tale of life through death.

Little Dead Riding Hood


Pros & Cons


  • A fun take on a classic fairy tale
  • The next step in a life through death progression
  • Lots of interactive actions for your child to engage with
  • Great narration for your listening pleasure


  • None found, but you may find it a touch pricey at $2.99

Final Thoughts

Little Dead Riding Hood is an iPhone and iPad story book that takes the classic tale of Red Riding Hood to the next level. In some of the classic tales Red dies at the end having been eaten by the wolf, so now here’s the answer to what happens next. I really enjoyed reading this with my girls, and although we were at first cautious of the subject matter, they took to it just as they would any other macabre topic or as we call it, Hallowe’en fun. Overall, this is a well-thought-out read that I will be showing my friends.


Little Dead Riding Hood

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