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ASCCP Mobile app review: get information on cervical cancer screening guidelines



Over the last five years, the number of abnormal cervical cancer cases has increased tremendously. There is a need for health personnel to have information and equipment required to screen patients for this disease to combat it. ASCCP Mobile is an iOS application developed by American Society for Colposcopcy and Cervical Pathology Inc to provide health practitioners with screening guidelines that they should follow. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages are Spanish and English.

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ASCCP Mobile


Get Accurate Information on Abnormal Cervical Cancer Screening

Screening patients for cervical cancer demands special skills and expertise. ASCCP Mobile is an excellent app developed to provide personnel who specialize in providing cancer screen services with accurate guidelines on what to do when screening patients for this cancer.

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The developers have worked smart to come up with a smart interface that is very easy to navigate for all. Unlike other medical apps that focus on just providing information on various procedures, this one gives you an opportunity to input all-important patient information for future reference. This information is stored in a secure database and can be retrieved at any time in just one or two keystrokes.

The user-friendly interface is optimized to display information clearly no matter the screen resolution. In addition, the interface is divided in different categories to make it easy for you to input data. For example, to indicate HPV status of a patient, you just need to click on + or – instead of typing the whole name “positive" or "negative." This will definitely save you time especially when inputting data for more than twenty patients. 

Best Features of ASCCP Mobile iTunes App

ASCCP Mobile is an amazing app that is dedicated to provide accurate information on various abnormal cervical cancer screen procedures. Be sure to follow all the steps highlighted to get accurate results in the end.

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Since the information is already in the database, you do not have to connect your device to the Internet to access the information. It also goes a step further to give you tips on how to manage your patients. Note that patients who are different age groups require varying medications and treatment methods.

Another major highlight of using the app is that it provides accurate definitions of various terms and drugs. If you come across a drug that you do not understand, you just need to click on the definitions tab. There is also a search tab that you can use to find a particular drug or guideline in seconds.

ASCCP Mobile


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides accredited screening guidelines
  • No Internet access is required
  • Information is arranged in chronological manner
  • Dynamic search feature to help you find drugs and related information faster


  • The app should be made available in more than one language

Final Thoughts

ASCCP Mobile is a reliable tool that you can use to get expert guidelines on how to screen patients for cervical cancer.


ASCCP Mobile

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