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Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart app review: the best stethoscope app in the world



Parents are always eager to see their baby after delivery. The joy associated with this experience is unequal to no other in the world. Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart is a medical-based iOS application developed by Odosoft Ltd to help parents listen to the heartbeats of the unborn baby. It functions just like the normal stethoscope, but this one has special capabilities. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart - Microphone Baby Heart Rate Sound Stethoscope


How to Use

Just like the normal stethoscope, there is a procedure that has to be followed in order to get accurate heartbeat results. The first step entails lying on your back in a quiet room. Gently press your iPhone microphone on your lower abdomen. It is recommendable to remove the casing or cover before monitoring to enable the app to capture the correct data.

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Use the normal headphones to listen to the heartbeats. Note that headsets that have a microphone usually disable the mic inside your iPhone or iPad device so it is recommended to use headsets that do not have a microphone. You might have to increase the volume to hear the heartbeats   clearly.

If the beats are too low or quiet, try adjusting low frequencies of the mic to make the more audible. All you need to do is touch the sound graph that is displayed on the interface. Note that the heartbeats are usually very quiet so it is impossible to hear them using the iPad or iPhone speaker. 

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Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart has helped parents and guardians to connect with their unborn baby as they wait for the big day. One of the superior highlights is that it not only records the heartbeats but also kicks and sounds of your baby. You can also decide to share the heartbeat recordings with friends and colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, text message, and via email.

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To safeguard the health of the baby, it is recommended to use the app during the third trimester of your pregnancy (30-40 weeks) and switch of the airplane more. As mentioned earlier, it is recommendable to place your device on the lower abdomen. In addition, the baby should be calm as excessive movements and activity can make it impossible to record the heartbeat. Note that heartbeat increases when the baby is moving around.

More importantly, the app has special built-in features that enable it to amplify the sound to ensure that you get to hear each heartbeat well. For instance, it will filter any extra frequencies and adjust the sound volume automatically. 

Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart - Microphone Baby Heart Rate Sound Stethoscope


Pros and Cons


  • Has unique ability to amplify the beats to ensure that you get the best quality recording
  • No Internet access is required
  • Heartbeat frequency is shown in a simple language


  • External factors such as weight of the mother can affect quality of the recording

Final Thoughts

Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart will definitely help you create a connection and bond with your unborn baby. It is quite easy to use but you need to strategically place your device on your lower abdomen.


Fetal Heartbeat Monitor UnbornHeart - Microphone Baby Heart Rate Sound Stethoscope

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