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Is It Vegan app review: a handy tool to determine genuinely vegan products



Is It Vegan app is a handy tool for all vegans who want to determine if the products they’re buying are suitable for their diet. The app can scan barcodes and it will display the specific ingredients of the products. It has an indicator that shows whether a product is vegan or vegetarian. Developed by Conner Burggraf, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Is It Vegan?


Find the Right Vegan Products with Is It Vegan App

Long time vegans know how to shop for purely vegan products. But for new vegans, the simple act of choosing which food is right for their lifestyle can be overwhelming. You have to understand that some so-called vegetable products contain animal extracts or ingredients derived from animals.

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If you are a new vegan and still need help finding the right food stuff, then Is It Vegan is the perfect application for you. The app is a simple barcode scanner but it can accurately detect the specific ingredients of any product. It contains hundreds of thousands of product codes in its database so you have the assurance that it will always provide the correct readings.

Using the app is easy. Just install it in your device and you can start scanning barcodes. The app uses your device camera as a scanner. So you need to take a snapshot of the barcode to determine the specific ingredient of the product.

This app offers an impressive vegan indicator with color coded meter. After scanning a barcode, the app will immediately search the database. In a few seconds, you will get a comprehensive result that shows whether the scanned product is vegan or not.

If the barcode is not listed in the database, you can send the snapshot to the app’s developer for further verification. 

Best Features of Is It Vegan App

Is It Vegan offers a database that contains more than a hundred thousand products. It covers almost all common grocery items including canned goods, packed farm produce, condiments, sauces, and many more.

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The app uses your device camera as a barcode scanner. Simply take a snapshot of the barcode to allow the app to search its database. You can also use the app’s built-in product search tool. This tool allows you to manually search products by brand name, ingredients, or keywords.

One of the most useful features of this app is the colorful vegan meter. The vegan meter is actually the app’s main user interface. When you scan a barcode, the vegan meter will be activated. It will indicate whether the scanned product is certified vegan or not.

Is It Vegan?


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a comprehensive database of products
  • Barcode scanner for accurate product readings
  • Allows manual product search
  • Impressive visual indicator
  • Supports social sharing
  • Allows you to submit unlisted products
  • Easy to use with simple layout


  • Intrusive pop-up ads

Final Thoughts

Is It Vegan app is a unique tool for all-new vegans. The app can help you choose the right products that are suitable for your vegan lifestyle. This is a highly recommended app for all vegans. 

Is It Vegan?

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