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Thyme app review: a beautifully designed kitchen timer with advanced features



Thyme is a simple but highly functional kitchen timer app designed especially for the tech-savvy home cooks. It offers a straightforward user interface consisting of four stove timers and one oven timer. The app does what it is designed for: to keep track of cooking time so you can have the perfect dish. Designed by Hyper Interaktiv, this application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Thyme: A kitchen timer for your culinary arts


An Inside Look Into Thyme - the Kitchen Timer

To be the best home cook, you need to know how to properly mix and match the right ingredients. This requires learned skills, experience, and the good old kitchen intuition. But one of the most overlooked aspects of cooking is timing. It is easy to ruin a good dish by overcooking the ingredients. This is where Thyme comes in handy.

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Thyme is a reliable and highly functional kitchen timer with impressive user interface. The simplicity of the app’s design makes it as one of the best kitchen timers in the App Store.

When you open Thyme, you will immediately see five different timers on screen. There are four plates that match the usual layout of common kitchen stoves with four burners. The bigger timer at the bottom of the screen represents your oven and you can use it to keep track of your baked goodies.

To set your cooking time, simply tap the plate to open the timer. Double tapping the plate resets the timer to the starting position. Thyme has two types of alarm: vibrate and a beeping sound. The timer sounds an alarm when it hit zero. It also shows a notification even when your device is locked. 

Best Features of Thyme Kitchen Timer

Thyme offers five kitchen timers on one screen. This app allows you to track the cooking time of multiple dishes. The timers can be manually configured by simple tapping and swiping motion.

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The clever design is one of the best features of Thyme. The app offers a clean design with a simple user interface. The timers are located on the home screen allowing for quick set-up.

Thyme’s timers allow you to set as many minutes or hours as you want. You can set it in 5-minute mode for quick-cooking pastas or set the timer for a couple of hours for stewing big chunks of meat.

Another great feature of Thyme is the built-in alarm with push notification. By default, the app will sound an alarm with vibrating action when the timer reaches zero. You can turn off the vibrating mode if you want to save battery. Additionally, the app sends a notification telling you that your dish is ready.

Thyme: A kitchen timer for your culinary arts


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive user interface and professional design
  • Offers five kitchen timers to track multiple dishes
  • With sound alarm, vibrate, and push notification
  • Allows tap and swipe action for activating the timers


  • Needs louder alarm

Final Thoughts

Thyme is one best kitchen timers in the App Store. It is a beautifully designed app with several advance features. This is a must-have app for home cooks, chefs, and culinary students. 

Thyme: A kitchen timer for your culinary arts

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