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Lettercraft app review: prove your vocabulary smarts



So you like to brag about your skills when it comes to word games, well here's a chance to prove just how smart you are. The Lettercraft app is a brand-new release for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone which offers a number of free levels in which to give this game a try. This isn't your average word game and for that reason you'll find yourself hooked pretty much immediately. This one takes your typical word game and spins it around and delivers something unique and fresh.

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Lettercraft - A Word Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills


Craft Your Words

If you're looking for a game that tests your vocabulary and pushes it then Lettercraft is for you. There are a whooping 70 levels you can play in Adventure mode alone and the developer has plans to add more soon. If you're ready for a bit more of a challenge there is always Survival mode. Each of these modes gives players the chance to choose easy, normal, or hard when it comes to the difficulty level. It should be noted that this game supports both American and British words.

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Because this one is a new release there aren't any updates at this time but it does have a customer rating of four out of five stars. The game has been described as solid and fun and players seem to be enjoying the challenge it offers. This one requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and has a number of in-app purchases available for additional levels, themes, and statistics. These purchases range from $0.99 to $2.99.

Challenge yourself with this option
Challenge yourself with this option

Making the Game Fun

The Lettercraft app delivers players quite a lot of fun thanks to features like multi-player mode where you can use your Bluetooth to challenge all your friends to a game. This will really prove who the super-power is when it comes to vocabulary. You can purchase additional themes to make the games all the more interesting and fun, and the statistics will give you a snapshot on how you're doing with your gameplay. Check out charts that will actually show your gaming style and data and then use this information to better your game.

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As for the gameplay itself you'll find this one easy and quick to pick up on and game controls aren't an issue as this one is responsive and smooth. Because this is more of a “thinking” style game you won’t find all kinds of special effects, sounds, and a huge array of options, instead things are kept streamlined and uncluttered.

The app keeps track of your statistics
The app keeps track of your statistics

Lettercraft - A Word Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills


Pros and Cons


  • The game offers two different modes of play
  • Choose from three difficulty levels
  • You can play in multiplayer mode using Bluetooth
  • The app keeps detailed records of your game statistics and data
  • There are 70 levels to work through


  • You are only given five levels for free
  • Some find the scoring a bit confusing

Lettercraft screenshot
Lettercraft screenshot

Final Words

The Lettercraft app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers players a chance to prove what they have when it comes to word skills. This is a streamlined and sleek offering that will have users immersed from the start.


Lettercraft - A Word Puzzle Game To Train Your Brain Skills

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