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Drums! app review: get a quality drum kit on your iPhone



If you love playing drums, you understand the need of striking the drums in a rhythm to come up with a quality beat. Drums! is a new iOS application developed by Cinnamon Jelly Ltd to give users access to a quality virtual drum kit that they can use to create top notch beats. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages include English, Arabic, Catalan, Norwegian, Dutch, Czech, Bokmal, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian and more.

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Drums! - A studio quality drum kit in your pocket


How to Use

Drums! is an exceptional iOS mobile app that is tailored to provide music lovers with a virtual drum kit that they can use in any part of the world. The high-quality sounds and fast response time are some of the major attributes that give the app a higher cutting edge in the market. You do not have to change any settings on your phone to use it as it is optimized to work perfectly with your device’s operating system.

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The app comes with three amazing drum kits that you can use to drum along all your favorite songs at any time of the day. Professionals who have vast skills can purchase two more drum kits from the in-app Purchase store. The developers have incorporated a special in-built music player that you can use to play various songs that you have saved in your phone memory as you play the drums. 

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Best Features of Drums!

One of the major features that give Drums! an upper hand in the market is that it has right- and left-handed drum layouts. You just need to change the settings to choose a layout that best suits your skills and capabilities. In addition, you can switch out the second kick drum for the wood block, cowbell, or tambourine in seconds.

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If you want to get a rimshot, you can hit the snare drum or generate crash sounds by using the dual zone ride cymbal. All the drums are clearly displayed in high definition to ensure that you hit the right drum at the right time. The interface is also very user friendly and easy to navigate so no prior experience is required. However, an understanding of how the drums functions is a plus, as it will help you to come up with great rhythms or beats faster.

Another major function is the ability to trigger the kick drum every time you hit the crash cymbal. You can also create a special beat using super low latency. This is based on the fact that the app is programmed to play the sound instantly when you hit the drum.

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Drums! - A studio quality drum kit in your pocket


Pros and Cons


  • High-quality Retina graphics
  • Produces high-quality drum sound every time you decide to play
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to trigger a kick drum by hitting the crash cymbal


  • The app is prone to bugs

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Final Thoughts

Drums! is an amazing app that you can use to create a professional drum beat as you listen to your favorite songs. 

Drums! - A studio quality drum kit in your pocket

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