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Rain Rain Go Away app review: preschoolers learn hand-eye coordination and visual motor skills



Rain Rain Go Away is an iPhone and iPad game that will have your preschooler tapping for fun and learning. Developed to work on visual motor skills and hand-eye coordination, the games will have your child practicing timing and more.

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Rain Rain Go Away


Hand-Eye Coordination

I had my preschooler testing out Rain Rain Go Away and she was immediately drawn to the puppy game. In this game, you have to get the dog to jump and catch Frisbees. She took a bit to catch on being only two and a half, but once I showed her how to do it, she had a blast trying to get the dog to jump at the right time to catch the Frisbee.

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In other games, the dog has to jump over hay stacks, and even race. Once the rain clouds go away, you can play with Annie and her many friends, and the games each have clear instructions to show your child rather than reading. Level one is a how to in each game with either an arrow to indicate where to tap, or a similar guide.

Hand-Eye Coordination image


There are five games in Rain Rain Go Away. Ben the dog jumps to catch Frisbees, Kelly the cow needs to wake up to be fed hay, Harry the horse will jump over racing obstacles, Penny the pig needs to get out of the mud puddle for a bath, and Turbo the turtle has to follow your finger to finish the race. Each activity is interesting for kids because they engage in a different way. My preschooler immediately started playing with the dog, but then I showed her the cow eating, and the horse jumping and she explored the other animals willingly.

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I like this game because it is easy for kids to figure out, yet they still need to use some skills to complete the levels such as jumping at the right time, or tracing the right path. The tracing also helps them learn beginning printing skills by getting their finger to follow a specific shape.

Games image

Rain Rain Go Away


Pros & Cons


  • Five animals to interact with
  • Five separate activities for the animals
  • Children are engaged and even though they get the hang of it still have to work to achieve the levels
  • Beginning tracing in the turtle race
  • Daily skills such as feeding and bathing


  • A bit pricey at $4.99

Pros & Cons image

Rain Rain Go Away is an iPhone and iPad game that will have your preschooler engaged in learning hand-eye coordination and visual motor skills. Most kids love animals, and when the rain goes away, Annie’s friends are ready to play! Choose from the five animals, each with a different activity, to learn and engage. My preschooler sat with me for a good 15 minutes, testing it out with me. She even sang along to the song on our own rainy day. Overall, a fun app for kids, but it is a bit pricey. I’d watch for a sale or free offer.

Rain Rain Go Away

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