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Tweetlogix for Twitter app review: taking your Twitter experience further 2021



If you're a fan of Twitter how would you like to be able to take that experience you know and love and take it to another level of fun and convenience? The Tweetlogix app is one that can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives users all kinds of tools that will customize their experience.

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In this Tweetlogix for Twitter app, the timelines will be easier than ever to go through, you can apply beautiful themes, make use of all kinds of filtering tools, start and take part in conversations, compose your Tweets, and so much more.

This Tweetlogix for iPhone app is a feature-packed experience that is just waiting to impress users. Continue reading our Tweetlogix review for more details. 

Tweetlogix for Twitter


Adding Simplicity to Twitter

The Tweetlogix for Twitter app not only manages to enhance your Twitter experience but does so in a way that makes it simpler and sleeker. The main reason this is possible is the filters you can apply to your content.

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The app gives users the ability to mute retweets, clients, keywords, users, and phrases. You can always look at the tweets you have filtered out if you like. Just imagine how much this one feature can clean up your feed and allow you to focus on the stuff you do want to see.

This social networking based app requires iOS 7.1 or later to use and currently has four out of five stars from users. Customers have pointed out how easy it is to use, how much it helps, and how customizable it is. In its latest update there was a small bug fix offering users a smoother performance.

Adding Simplicity to Twitter image

Examining the Features

The Tweetlogix for Twitter app is absolutely loaded with features and tools made to make your experience fun and convenient. You can start by customizing the experience through the theme. You can go ahead and import themes, design your own, and make use of the built-in offerings. Once you've found the look you're happy with you're ready to start using the app.

You'll find the timeline to be simple to navigate and work through thanks to the filters you have put into place. Use the app to compose Tweets, add videos and images, perform a reply search, view conversations, do searches, apply bookmarks, create your own Twitter lists, edit your Twitter profile, and so much more.

The app is also able to handle multiple accounts. The user interface is well-laid-out with all the tools you need close at hand.

Examining the Features image

Tweetlogix for Twitter


Pros and Cons


  • Provides users with a number of powerful filters to use
  • Compose tweets and view conversations
  • Add images and videos
  • Customize the look of the app
  • The timeline is laid out exactly how you want


  • Users would like to see a few more tools added and a couple of minor issues fixed

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Tweetlogix for Twitter app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to enjoy the Twitter experience. This one features a nice selection of tools all of which are user-friendly and handy.

Tweetlogix for Twitter

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