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Sea Puzzle Lite app review: a scrolling puzzle adventure for toddlers



Sea Puzzle Lite - Toddlers is an iPhone and iPad game with many different puzzles for your child up to five years old to complete. Once finished, users can guide the submarine through the water to complete the journey.

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Sea Puzzle Lite - Toddlers


Clear the Path

In order to clear the path for the submarine to continue its trip through the deep water, you must complete the puzzles of Sea Puzzle Lite. As you go along, you will meet fish, crabs, cuttlefish, whales, and the game will gradually increase in difficulty. As it does so, it will help your child with coordination, concentration, and special sight.

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As mentioned above, for the submarine to get through the sea, your child must complete the puzzles. They are scrolling puzzles that your child must line up rather than a number of puzzle pieces, which my preschooler enjoyed. There aren’t a lot of scrolling puzzles, especially ones that encourage her to keep solving to get the story to continue.

Lots of Sea Life

Sea Puzzle List has a large variety of sea life for one little game! There are fish, crabs, cuttlefish, whales, and more for your child to watch and learn about. They aren’t explicit descriptions, but your child can become familiar with what these fish look like.

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Games such as this get your child’s attention because they are easy to pick up, play, and interact with. Sea Puzzle Lite is bright and colorful, and has enough variance to grab and maintain your child’s attention while they scroll through the pictures to try and solve the puzzle. When solved, they can guide the submarine through the under-the-sea adventure.

Sea Puzzle Lite - Toddlers


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Many different kinds of sea life for your child to see
  • Scrolling puzzle rather than puzzle pieces
  • When a puzzle is complete you can guide the submarine through the adventure
  • Bright and colorful
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination


  • Repetitive so my preschooler didn’t play for long

Final Thoughts

Sea Puzzle Lite - Toddlers is an iPhone and iPad game that will have your child engaged in the bright colors, the deep sea adventure, and solving the puzzles to guide the submarine. My preschooler liked the idea of this game, but she found it repetitive and didn’t play for long. She enjoyed the variety of fish, and we talked about the different sea life in the app for a while, but overall she tired of it quickly. I appreciated that the puzzle format is a scrolling puzzle rather than pieces because it’s not the regular kind of puzzle app you see for kids. My daughter kept coming back to it between other apps she was helping me test, it was just a quick game to her.


Sea Puzzle Lite - Toddlers

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