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Colorise app review: edit your photos professionally



How would you like to have the tools and features necessary in order to edit your photos professionally? The Colorise app can be used on your iPad to do just that. The app allows you to create and process images with ease using up to 42 megapixels (6480x6480) as your resolution. For those who used the previous version of the app this one has been completely re-done to offer a smoother and more impressive customer experience; in fact, the developer claims that performance has increased by 70 percent.

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Photos That Impress

In order to have a perfect photo there is more involved than just snapping the shot. The Colorise app can be used as a tool to achieve perfection and creativity thanks to the many features offered. While this one provides users with a professional type of experience you don't have to have any knowledge of photo editing to use it. The app gives users the ability to create and process images using layers, filters, and more. You have an undo and redo tool so that you can always go back a step or more. The app also ensures that you never lose any of your image data.

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This editing tool has just gone through a number of updates in order to provide smoother performance. There were a number of bug fixes plus the "Color key" tool has been added. This one doesn't have any customer comments or a customer rating at this time.

Create professional results quickly
Create professional results quickly

Features of the App

There are a number of tools and features included in the Colorise app meant to give you complete freedom for creativity. There are 24 different filters to apply to your photos and you can customize the settings such as grayscale, brightness, highlight and shadow, contrast, texture, and more. You can apply multiple filters and layers for a unique look and you can work with more than one image at a time for a multi-canvas effect. You can undo and redo the steps as often as you want and know the original image is saved so that data isn't lost.

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There are also specified tools for editing and drawing such as the brush, marker, text, pen, crop, and dropper tools. The app uses 64 bit architecture and has been created to resemble the OpenGI ES. The user interface is quick and easy to navigate so you'll be able to put together stunning photos in no time.

Adjust all kinds of settings and tools
Adjust all kinds of settings and tools



Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to apply multiple filters and layers at a time
  • There are editing tools
  • Your original image data is saved
  • You can undo and redo as many steps as you want
  • You’ll get professional results without the need for any experience


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Words

The Colorise app for your iPad can provide users with a rather fun and immersive experience that puts creativity in their hands. The app is simple to navigate and before any time you’ll have some rather unique results.



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