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Yellit! app review: family fun with words



Some of the best memories are of the times we spend with our families playing board games. They’re a fun way to pass the time while on a camping trip or on a rainy day. With the growth in popularity of smartphones and tablets many of these board games have made the transition to apps and there are a lot of these in the iOS App Store. A great game in this category is Yellit! - a fun word game that challenges you to describe or physically act out the phrases without using the actual words to the opposing team. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Word Challenge Fun

There are occasions when there’s just nothing good on television, when you need something else to do, or perhaps you’re having company and you want to have a little fun – this is a great time to reach for a fun game and Yellit! definitely qualifies. If you’re familiar with games like Pictionary, you’ll figure out this game quickly but that doesn’t mean you’ll master it in short order.

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My only real criticism of this app is that you need at least four people to play it. Why not two or three? There’s no reason that a couple sitting at home on a Saturday night looking for a fun way to pass the time couldn’t have fun with this one, but they’re not given the option. You can certainly work around this by having each player represent two people but this makes the game frustratingly long. It seems like a bit of an oversight. On the positive side I didn’t come across any ads (although there is an in-app purchase to remove ads so they must be there somewhere) in this one which is a real plus. There are in-app purchases but these are simply different phrase packs: the functionality of the game isn’t limited at all in the free version. This app will require 10.6 MB of free space on your iOS device.

How to Play

Yellit! is divided into three rounds of play but you have to enter four player names before getting started. In the first round a player on each time must describe a word or phrase to their teammate without using the actual words that are on the screen: you aren’t limited in the amount of words you can use to describe the phrase and you have a minute and a half to guess as many phrases as you can. The second round gets considerably harder. Each person is only allowed to use three words to describe the phrase on the screen and they only have thirty seconds to get through as many phrases as possible. In the final round you can’t use words at all: you have to act out the phrase. This game combines a lot of great features making it a lot of fun.

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If you want to play this game with children there is an easier phrase pack available as an in-app purchase for $1.19; there’s also an adult pack available for the same price that’s definitely not for the kids! The instructions are pretty straight forward giving this app a very small learning curve. You can also provide feedback to the developers if you would like to help them improve the game.



Pros and Cons


  • A fun family game for four players
  • Three different rounds to keep things interesting
  • Minimal ads
  • Full functionality in free version although extra phrase packs are available through in-app purchase


  • There is no option for a two or three player game
  • Additional phrase packs are only available through in-app purchase

Final Words

Yellit! is a fun family game app that’s perfect for a camping trip or a rainy day. It will challenge your mind and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. This one’s definitely worth checking out.



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