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iRecognize app review: a versatile learning tool for special needs, language, and more



iRecognize is an iPad app that will help individuals practice recognizing faces, places, or things, or enrich the learning of those who want to learn something new. It’s useful for any age, and allows users to create fully customizable exercises using pictures from their photo library.

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iRecognize® – Custom Photo Flashcards for Learning and Recall


Assistive Device

iRecognize is an assistive device for those who need practice recognizing faces, places, or things. Individuals can choose pictures from their own photo library, and set the exercises to their own personal liking. There are three full practice exercises, and preloaded libraries to complete with professionally selected photos and auditory cues to help your student, child, or client learn both the objects and how to use the app.

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What I like about this way of learning, is that the individual needing practice can go through a few sets before having to create their own. If the individual is able, then they can create their own sets for practice, but in most instances the caregiver will need to create the sets based on what the individual needs to know. For example, if an individual needs to recognize a new teacher, you could use their photograph with them saying their name so that the individual also knows their voice. This would be helpful for those that have difficulty with new routines.

Lost of Great Features

iRecognize has lots of great features such as libraries for preschoolers, school children, and adults. The developers recognized that people of varying developmental abilities and additionally varying ages would benefit from this app. This means that different images will be pleasing to the variety of individuals who could use this app and they prepared for this while also allowing the user to input their own images.

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I also appreciate that you can record in any language so that it can also be used for those learning a new language such as an individual from China moving to Canada and now learning English, or even a child who is practicing a second language for school such as French or Spanish. Once you get going, you can even create flashcards to match to improve your skills prior to a test, or just to make the learning more fun while tracking your progress so you can identify what needs more practice.

iRecognize® – Custom Photo Flashcards for Learning and Recall


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Multiple uses from assisting those with special needs to learning a new language or relearning after brain injury
  • Multiple language support as you insert your own voice cues
  • Track your progress to identify what needs more practice
  • Flashcards with matching game


  • None found

Final Thoughts

iRecognize is an iPad educational app that has multiple uses from special education assistance to language learning. If you have an individual who needs help learning faces, places, or things for everyday life such as a new transition, or if you are studying a new language, then this app can help. It can also help if you are relearning objects following a brain injury, or if you are working with an individual who is recovering from amnesia. With so many uses, this is a versatile and well-designed app.


iRecognize® – Custom Photo Flashcards for Learning and Recall

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