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RowCol app review: matching games



RowCol - Educational Cards Matching Game for Kids is an iPad and iPhone app that will help your student learn to chart objects such as six hearts, four squares, and so on. There are colors, numbers, shapes, and variations of shapes for your student to observe and practice with.

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RowCol - Educational Cards Matching Game for Kids


Five Levels of Learning

RowCol has five levels of learning for your student to practice. In the first level they are required to match a colored shape to the row that it belongs in. In the second level they are required to match the dual-colored circle to the slot that it would fit in. For level three, students are presented a variation on a house that has doors, windows, roofs, and they must observe the exact variation to find the proper slot. In level four, they again match the two colored shape to the correct slot but there are some that do not fit the grid and must be skipped. In level five there are again options that will not fit the grid, and the students must count the smiley faces for example and place them in the correctly numbered column.

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As you can see, the game progresses in difficulty naturally so that rather than immediately giving you objects that don’t fit the grid, you first have a process of elimination. I appreciate this because it means that students can practice the first few levels if that’s where their ability lies, or if they merely need extra practice.

What it Teaches

RowCol teaches kids aged three through seven how to categorize visual combinations of different colors, shapes, numbers, and other characteristics. It’s easy to understand, and was developed by PhDs to help kids work on their cognitive abilities for brain development. It also ties directly into math for JK through Grade Two, and can be a useful tool to help your child use and read charts.

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My almost three-year-old wasn’t ready for beyond level one yet, but my almost seven-year-old was able to do all the levels with varying success. What I appreciated about this game is that if your child makes a mistake, there is no penalty and just tries again. This did leave my daughter guessing sometimes because she wouldn’t get it wrong, but overall it worked out well and kept her in a positive learning attitude.

RowCol - Educational Cards Matching Game for Kids


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Directly related to JK through Grade Two math lessons with charting
  • Helps develop cognitive skills
  • Many levels of difficulty to progress through


  • The house level is quite tricky and takes expert observation skills to complete

Final Thoughts

RowCol - Educational Cards Matching Game for Kids is an iPhone and iPad game that will help your child develop their cognitive skills and practice charting their results. Line up a red heart in the heart and red column, or a pink square in the pink and square column, and you’re off to the races. I appreciated this because it is the beginning of graphing and directly related to the math that JK through Grade Two students work on.


RowCol - Educational Cards Matching Game for Kids

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