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Mahjong◄ HD app review: an excellently rdndered game with lots of game board options



Mahjong◄ HD is an iPad game that requires you to match tiles that are open. The faster you do so, the higher your score, but the tiles must be open to complete a match.

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Mahjong◄ HD


Match the Tiles

In Mahjong◄ HD all you have to do is match the tiles. While it may sound easy, if the tile isn’t open then you can’t select it for a match. Open means that it has at least two sides not touching a tile beside it. If it has a tile above and on one side, then it’s ready to be matched.

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This particular mahjong game is optimized for the iPad and will not play on the iPhone. There are 100 boards, and more upgrades available in the in-app purchases. It is a mahjong that will fill your every need, whether you want a real challenge or just a quiet relaxing matching game.

Match the Tiles image


Mahjong◄ HD is optimized for the new iPad Retina display so this is why it is not iPhone compatible. Honestly, it takes a lot of patience to play mahjong on the iPhone anyway because the screen is that much smaller and tapping the right tile is that much more difficult. I much prefer to play it on my iPad when I have a minute to play. Plus, with 100 boards included and 100 more to get if you desire, this is a huge game. You want to be able to see the details.

As far as game play goes, it is intuitive and easy to understand. There is no time limit to pressure into impulsive moves. You can take your time to think out what you want to do. Often I would find three of the same tile, but not think my way through, and then I’d realize I should have used the other tile to better open up the board, or set up for the next move. I also appreciate that there aren’t any ads as I’ve mentioned before that my kids have trouble getting the ‘x’ and then they’re in the App Store and I have to get them back to the game.

Features image

Mahjong◄ HD


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • 100 included boards
  • 100 additional boards for purchase
  • Optimized for Retina display


  • None found other than the lack of cross compatibility to iPhone which is understandable with the high-quality graphics

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Mahjong◄ HD is an iPad game that requires you to match tiles that are open to clear the game board. This game has 100 boards ready to go, and 100 additional boards for in-app purchase. The game has amazing graphics illustrating the tiles for your gameplay, and there is no timer that you have to beat. I appreciate this so I don’t make any impulsive moves I later regret. Overall, this is a great game that will be a nice addition to your collection if you’re a fan like I am.

Mahjong◄ HD

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