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Phonetic Birds app review: a game focused on reading and speaking



If your kids are begging to play games on the mobile device there is a way you can give them what they want while feeling good about it. The Phonetic Birds app can be used on your iPad and focuses on reading and speaking and the auditory development of your child. Whether your child is already showing progress in this area or is a bit delayed this game can be engaging, fun, and most of all educational. Kids will be gaining confidence as they learn to tell the differences in sound patterns.

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Phonetic Birds


Let the Learning Fun Begin

It's time to let the learning fun begin with 72 levels of educational gameplay. The Phonetic Birds app is meant for kids ages four and older and multiple kids can use it as you can save the profiles and progress of up to six kids. The app helps train kids on how to listen and spot the changes in sound patterns of words and encourage their auditory development. These skills are necessary in order for kids to read and speak. The game features some rather adorable and colorful birds that will grab the attention of kids immediately.

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The app doesn't contain any in-app purchases and currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Parents have called it brilliant, well-priced, effective, and child-friendly. There are no updates at this time, although it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit more content since this one has been around almost two years. You'll need iOS 4.3 or higher in order to play this one.

Kids will enjoy the characters in this app
Kids will enjoy the characters in this app

Choose Your Game Mode

To keep the Phonetic Birds app challenging and fun you can choose between three different game modes. There is Random Play, Quick Play, and Adventure Play all of which offers a unique and fun experience. In Random Play mode the game is given to players in a random order so that it feels fresh and exciting each time. In Quick Play mode you'll be focusing on just one skill at a time. Meanwhile in Adventure Play they will work through the 72 different levels and the difficulty level increases as they go. No matter which mode they choose there is positive feedback and encouragement given to players.

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The app comes off as a very cute offering that is sure to keep kids amused. Although it's easy enough to use on their own it's a great opportunity for parents to sit with them and explain and discuss any questions that kids may have about the different sounds.

Kids have 72 levels of fun in Adventure Mode
Kids have 72 levels of fun in Adventure Mode

Phonetic Birds


Pros and Cons


  • The app features cute graphics and engaging sounds
  • There are three different game modes
  • In Adventure Mode there are 72 levels and the difficulty increases as they go
  • Kids are offered encouraging and positive feedback
  • You can track the progress of up to six kids


  • This one is only available on the iPad

Final Words

The Phonetic Birds app for your iPad is a reasonably priced app that can help kids who are experiencing some speech and reading hurdles. The app is a child-friendly environment that is filled with engaging sounds and graphics that grab their attention.


Phonetic Birds

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