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New Words Swiper Multiplayer app review: a fun game



New Words Swiper Multiplayer - Game with friends ! is an iPad and iPhone game that works similar to a word search, so all you have to do is piece together the letters to find words. There are many words per block, and it works like Boggle in that you can go all directions as long as the blocks are close together diagonally or side-by-side.

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New Words Swipe Multiplayer - Game with friends !


Find the Words

If you like word searches, then New Words Swiper Multiplayer will be right up your alley. I prefer this to the traditional crossword, as it can be difficult for me to figure out the word clues, but I do enjoy a good word search game. This one does not have a list for you to go with so you have to look for letter patterns to determine the words that are available, but this is fun.

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I also like that there is such a variety of ways to make words. If you see a word that forms a zig-zag, a straight line, an L, or any other shape that you can somehow connect, then the word will count towards your score. The game does work with Game Center to track your individual score, but there is also a multi-player option right on the main menu. The multi-player mode is only for Game Center friends though, so you will need two devices.

Vocabulary Building

Once you get used to the gameplay in New Words Swiper Multiplayer, you will start looking for longer words. The longer the word, the more points you will earn, and the better your vocabulary, the faster you will be able to do so. Each game only takes two minutes, so if you’re bored and need to pass time for a moment, then this is a great option. I love how fast it is, and how the colors change depending on your achievement: green for a successful word and points and red for an unsuccessful attempt.

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As far as the vocabulary goes, I was a bit frustrated at times. I would enter a word and it wouldn’t be recognized. This is pretty common when I’m playing games, but it was especially annoying as the gameplay only lasts two minutes. Words can be as short as three letters and as long as you can find.

New Words Swipe Multiplayer - Game with friends !


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to pick up
  • Great for any level reader as my Grade One child enjoyed it too
  • Builds vocabulary


  • Not all words are recognized at this time

Final Thoughts

New Words Swiper Multiplayer - Game with friends ! is an iPhone and iPad game that will help you build your vocabulary. It requires you to complete words to gain points, and tracks your score through Game Center. There is a multi-player option, but this is through Game Center so you will need two devices. Overall, this is a fun game, and it works for all ages.


New Words Swipe Multiplayer - Game with friends !

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