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Fruit Avalanche Lite app review: it's an onslaught of fruit



Are you ready for a fun version of the classic brick-breaking style of gameplay? The Fruit Avalanche Lite app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is ready with an onslaught of fruit for you to deal with. It features familiar gameplay that you're experienced with however there are all kinds of fun twists added to this game to make it unique and challenging. There are 134 missions to complete here and of course it supports Game Center for that added element of competition.

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Fruit Avalanche Lite


Enjoy Endless and Challenging Gameplay

There's no shortage of challenge or fun thanks to the endless gameplay you're offered in the Fruit Avalanche Lite app. There are no limits in this game and you'll be able to embark on a whopping 134 missions. It uses brick-breaking gameplay and real-time physics. Your goal is really simple here you just have to smash all the Fruizbees in order to save Sam's Islands. By destroying the Fruizbees you'll uncover the many hidden secrets of the Mushitology. Sam is a rather cute octopus who is single-handedly taking on a whole army of these ridiculous Fruizbees.

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The game is free to play and requires iOS 7.1 or later. In its recent update there have been a bunch of improvements and enhancements meant to make the game even more fun and challenging. The game doesn't yet have a customer rating or customer comments.

There are all kinds of missions for you to complete
There are all kinds of missions for you to complete

Gaming Features

While the Fruit Avalanche Lite app features brick-breaking-style gameplay it also offers all kinds of unique features that make this game stand out. There are all kinds of power-downs and ups; in fact, there are 96 in all and they will completely change up your gameplay. The game is very fast-paced and it supports Game Center so you can challenge your family and friends. There are all kinds of items that will offer special powers so be sure to keep your eyes open for these: there are 52 of them in total. There are even pets that have magic powers. As far as the controls and rules of the game go this one is easy to pick up and understand; it's mastering it that becomes difficult.

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Players will love the bright and vivid graphics, fun sounds, and responsive game controls. This one is very sleek and impressive and will keep you coming back thanks to its addictive nature.

Enjoy power-ups and downs
Enjoy power-ups and downs

Fruit Avalanche Lite


Pros and Cons


  • The game offers fun graphics and sounds
  • The gameplay is addictive and easy to understand
  • There are all kinds of power-ups and downs to find
  • There are 134 missions to achieve
  • The app supports Game Center
  • The game uses real-time physics


  • Some may have found the challenge not to be high enough but the developer has made a number of improvements in this area since then

Final Thoughts

The Fruit Avalanche Lite app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will have you taking on all kinds of crazy fruits in a fun and addictive manner. This one is an unexpected fun and exciting challenge.


Fruit Avalanche Lite

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