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Speech Recogniser app review: converts speech to text with built-in translator



Speech Recogniser is mobile dictation app that offers impressive speech-to-text tool. The app allows you to translate converted speech into more than 40 international languages. It also offers a built-in read aloud tool so you can listen to the translated text. Developed by Anfasoft, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Speech Recogniser: Convert your voice to text with this dictation app.


Compose New Messages without Typing

If you are looking for an easy to use mobile dictation program with advanced features, then the new Speech Recogniser is the perfect app for you. This application uses the latest speech recognition technology to deliver highly accurate text to speech conversion.

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Speech Recogniser also offers cutting edge translation engine that can translate your speech to another language. And the best part is that the app can read aloud the translation so you can hear the correct pronunciation.

Speech Recogniser is a premium app but it is currently available as a free download in the App Store. You can safely install this application in any of your iOS device.

The main dictation engine opens immediately when you load the app. It allows you to choose a source language from the home screen. Then tap the start button to activate the dictation engine and the device microphone. Speak clearly in front of your device and wait for a few seconds to allow the app to convert your speech to text.

The app displays the text in a new screen. To translate the text, simply tap the translation tab and choose a target language. Then tap the playback icon to hear the correct pronunciations. You can use this app to compose text messages and emails, post status updates on Facebook, and send tweets to Twitter. 

Best Features of Speech Recogniser

Speech Recogniser uses proprietary speech recognition program to accurately capture spoken language. It supports more than 40 international languages including major English variations, Spanish, Russian, major Asian languages, and European languages. The app also offers a built-in translation engine with read aloud support.

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Simplicity is one of the best features of this app. It offers intuitive workflow with minimalist layout and design. The tools you need for dictation and translation are easily accessible from the app’s home interface. The sharing buttons are also neatly tucked below the text area for quick access.

Speech Recogniser offers built-in support for exporting texts to other apps. This means you can paste converted speech to Apple’s native messaging and email applications. And lastly, the app allows you to post your messages to Facebook, Twitter, and What’sApp.

Speech Recogniser: Convert your voice to text with this dictation app.


Pros and Cons


  • Offers sophisticated speech recognition platform and translation engine
  • Supports more than 40 major languages
  • Offers built-in read aloud technology
  • Allow you to use converted speech as text and email messages
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, and What’sApp


  • Speech and translation engines require stable internet connection

Final Thoughts

Speech Recogniser is one of the best dictation apps in the App Store. It offers impressive speech recognition engine and supports major languages. You can use this app for hands-free messaging and note taking. So if you want an easy to use mobile dictation and translation platform, Speech Recogniser is a must-have app for you. 


Speech Recogniser: Convert your voice to text with this dictation app.

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