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blockr app review: a color-tapping good time



blockr is an iPhone and iPad game that requires you to tap all of the blocks of the specified color in the allotted time. There are two bar timers: one for the color you are to tap, and one for the time for the round.

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Tap the Colors

blockr is a game that has an easy premise, but is difficult to master. You are given two timer lines at the top of the screen. One has the block color and you must tap every block in the play area of the specified color in the five seconds allotted, and then the other is a 45 second timer bar that counts down the round.

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I played for a few minutes trying to get all of the blocks of the color, and I also tried madly sweeping across the screen to hit every block. You cannot sweep to cheat, which is refreshing in my opinion. You must play the game properly and tap each of the colored blocks.

I didn’t like that there weren’t any instructions. When I was first trying to play, I tried switching colored blocks into rows, groups, but that wasn’t working. Finally I tapped a random color that just happened to be the right color. That’s when I realized that the top timer bar was telling me the color to tap, and that the bottom was the indicator of the time left in the round.

Overall Impression

My overall impression of this game is that blockr has potential. It was handwritten by the developer, and there are no in app purchases. This is nice so I don’t have to keep finding the x to exit the pop-up ads. I also appreciate the simplistic layout, and that the developer made the background change to the color that you are to be tapping as well as the timer bar. These are small things, but they go a long way to setting the tone of the game and making it easier for play.

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Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Simplistic rules
  • Easy to read timer bars


  • No instructions
  • Took me a bit to figure out how to play due to this

Final Thoughts

blockr is an iPhone and iPad game that requires the player to tap the specified color in the five allotted seconds. When the five seconds are up, you must then start tapping the next color. Each round lasts for 45 seconds, so you get nine chances to tap all of the colors. There are no instructions in the game, so you will need to figure this out unless you’ve read this review. I do appreciate that the border color also changes to indicate the color to tap, as this gives you more of a chance rather than wasting the five seconds. Overall, it was a fun game to play, but not a favorite.



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