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PanStage Music app review: your very own recording studio



Just because you aren't a huge recording artist with tons of fans doesn't mean you can't enjoy what it would be like to have your own recording studio. The PanStage Music app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to experience such a cool music undertaking. With this virtual studio recording app you'll be able to play along or sing to all kinds of songs. And yes this also means you'll be able to save and share all your hard work.

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PanStage Music - Recording Studio together with friends in a social band play


Now You Are the Artist

Rather than just listening to all your favorite artists imagine getting a chance for you to be the artist instead and step into your own recording studio. That is exactly the case with the PanStage Music app that makes it possible for users to play and sing along to all kinds of songs. Of course it's more than just singing and recording you are also given all kinds of cool tools that make it feel all the more professional. Your recordings can be saved and then shared so that your adoring fans - in other words your friends - can listen.

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This app is completely free to download and use and there are no ads in it. It has just been updated with a number of performance improvements and bug fixes so users can expect a smoother experience. The app requires iOS 6.0 or later to use and it doesn't have a customer rating at this time. Users have called it cool and good but would like to see some more features/tools added.

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What to Look Forward To

When customers download the PanStage Music app they are in for a user-friendly experience that puts them in the driver's seat when it comes to music recording. While anyone can use the app it can come in really handy for some people in particular for example if you're in a band and you are looking to put together a demo recording and don't want to shell out big bucks. What’s great is that you can practice and make this recording with your band even if you aren’t all in the same room together.

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There's no reason that you have to be a professional in order to use the app however as you'll be able to experiment with harmonizing, adding in instruments, and really broadening your musical prowess.

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PanStage Music - Recording Studio together with friends in a social band play


Pros and Cons


  • This music studio app is ideal for professionals and those who just want to experiment with singing
  • Add in instruments and harmonizing
  • Save your recording and share it
  • You can make a recording with friends without having to be in the same room
  • The user interface has been created to be user-friendly
  • There are no ads and the app is free to use


  • Users would like to see more features and tools added to this one

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Final Words

The PanStage Music app for your iPhone,  iPod touch, and iPad is a great opportunity to test out your vocal abilities in a user-friendly atmosphere. 

PanStage Music - Recording Studio together with friends in a social band play

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