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Touch app review: offering a new way of sharing experiences with friends and family



Touch is redefining how people communicate and share experiences with each other. This app offers a full-featured mobile chat service that supports unlimited text messaging, photo and video sharing, and voice messaging. It offers a unique feature called Experiences which can be used for sharing photo streams. Developed by Enflick Inc, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Getting in Touch with Your Friends Becomes Easier

Touch is offering a unique mobile chat experience by integrating instant messaging with voice, video, and photo sharing. So instead of getting the usual text-based messaging system, users of Touch can now share videos and voice messages within the chat platform. More importantly, this app is offering a new photo stream service which can be used for sharing multiple photos and building conversations around them.

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The app is going beyond the usual mobile chat model by offering extra features similar to social networking sites. A new experience awaits you when you download this app.

Touch is a free service and it works with any iOS device. You need to sign-up first before you can use this app. After signing-up, you can now create a profile and start adding other users to your friends list.

Take note that Touch is not an open chat system. It is more like a selective chat app for close friends and family members. You can invite your friends and family to your network by sending them a unique sign-up code.

Starting a conversation using Touch is easy. Just tap the ‘New Chat’ button and choose a friend you want to chat with. And to share multiple photos with a group of friends, you can use the app’s Experience feature. You can even include videos and audio files within the chat platform to make the conversations more engaging.

Best Features

Touch offers a full featured instant messaging platform for private networks. You can use this app to send unlimited text messages to your friends and family. It also offers full support for video sharing and voice message attachments.

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The app offers a one of a kind feature called Experience which is similar to photo album sharing. By starting an Experience thread, you can upload as many photos as you want and share them with your friends. The app allows you to start conversations within the Experience thread.

And lastly, Touch offers a professionally designed user interface with simple layout. The app’s home screen provides quick access to your photo stream and active conversations. It also offers notifications whenever you receive a new message.



Pros and Cons


  • Offers quick and easy account setup
  • Allows you to build a personal network
  • Offers unlimited instant messaging
  • Supports video and audio messages
  • Offers a unique photo album sharing called Experience


  • It would be nice to have an automatic log-in feature for the app

Final Thoughts

Touch is offering a unique mobile messaging system for its users. The app is like a mini-social network that lets users connect with their closest friends and family. This is a recommended app for everyone.



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