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Night Light + app review: a great alarm clock



Night Light + : Ultimate Nightstand and Alarm Clock is an iPhone and iPad utility app that provides a nightstand night light. It also includes the weather and an alarm clock for your ease of use.

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Night Light + : Ultimate Nightstand and Alarm Clock


What It Does for You

Night Light + has a night light, night stand, flashlight, and alarm. The objective of the developer was to create a unique experience for today’s users needs so that you can not only set your alarm and be off to sleep, but you can also have a night light to comfort you while you doze. A fear of the dark is not limited to children, and many adults retain this fear or discomfort. With the help of this app you can set your night light color, duration, and whether or not you want your device to auto-dim.

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Some other features you can set to use are the ability to set your night light to come back on at wake so that you’re not waking up in the dark, and to have the colors scroll for variety. If you prefer, you can leave the night light on all night long though if you’re a frequent waker, or if you are in a strange place that you’d prefer to have some light ready.

Additional Features

Night Light + also allows you to shake on your flashlight to get to the washroom or look around the room if you heard a noise. When the alarm goes off, you can shake to turn off the alarm too. I also like that you can set a timer for how long the night light is on. This means that you can sleep in the dark once your allotted time has passed for a more restful sleep.

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I did find that the screen was too bright for my liking though. As a night light, it’s not a problem, but I glanced at my device to check the time and it hurt my eyes. I had my dimmer set all the way down as I do at night, but it wasn’t enough. I did like that there was a weather screen to let me know what was going on when I woke up and it even had a little icon indicating the light rain.

Night Light + : Ultimate Nightstand and Alarm Clock


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to set and use
  • Multiple colors to choose from or scroll through
  • Weather on screen
  • Nightlight timer or on all night
  • Shake for flashlight or alarm off
  • Wake to night light like sunrise


  • Screen is too bright for night time viewing

Final Thoughts

Night Light + : Ultimate Nightstand and Alarm Clock is an iPhone and iPad utility app that will help you sleep in peace if you are afraid of the dark or in a strange place. I am often away from home with the kids and they like to have a bit of light to sleep with so this app was handy while traveling.


Night Light + : Ultimate Nightstand and Alarm Clock

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