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Teachley: Addimal Adventure app review: a teacher's math tool



Calling all math teachers of grades K-2 and 3-5 (intervention), we've come across a tool that can help you and your students. The Teachley: Addimal Adventure app can be used on your iPad and acts as a professional tool giving teachers the ability to make classroom accounts for their students. The app is able to adapt to each of your students and meets a number of the Common Core math standards. The app is all about giving teachers a variety of math strategies they can use rather than just a plethora of flashcards and worksheets.

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Teachley: Addimal Adventure


Giving Teachers Useful Tools

While it's easy to find apps that provide teachers with digital worksheets and flashcards you can use with kids it's not always easy to find an app that address how you go about teaching students. The Teachley: Addimal Adventures app strives to provide teachers with a useful tool that focuses on effective math strategies and helping kids to really understand the different processes. The app allows teachers to set up accounts for each student and the app adapts to their knowledge level. This one has been learned by experts in the field of cognitive learning for kids and by former teachers.

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The app is free to use and currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Teachers have referred to it as engaging, motivating, and very well done. The app was updated last year with new functionality and it now supports iOS 8.

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The Teaching and Learning Experience

The way the Teachley: Addimal Adventure app is presented is really fun for kids and it's for that reason it can be so successful as kids are actually going to want to use this tool. The app is presented as a game where Professor Possum has just unleashed a robot that has destroyed the beautiful city of El Sumado and is now moving on to destroy more of the world. It's Captain Memo and the Addimals to the rescue and they need your students' help. They need to gain back the golden blocks that will restore the city of El Sumado.

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This is where math skills will come into play. Kids will be working on math practice rounds then they will move on to the tool round, and finally to the speed round. The math problems are all single digit and are appropriate for younger kids. Parents are also invited to use the app with their kids as a way of practicing math skills.

The Teaching and Learning Experience image

Teachley: Addimal Adventure


Pros and Cons


  • The app is ideal for kids in grades K-2
  • The app focuses on single digit equations
  • The app encourages understanding of how to solve the problem rather than just memorization
  • This can be used by teachers and parents
  • You can set up accounts for each student/child


  • The app is only available on the iPad

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Final Words

The Teachley: Addimal Adventure app for your iPad is an engaging tool you can personalize for each student.

Teachley: Addimal Adventure

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