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Aviation Pilot Duty & Performance Calculator app review: an essential pilot tool



Being a pilot can be an overwhelming job that requires hundreds of hours of training and an astute mind. Flying a piece of equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions, with the lives of your passengers depending on you at all times, is a huge responsibility. Having an app that can help you with all the calculations and logs that a pilot is responsible for is a great tool. Aviation Pilot Duty & Performance Calculator was designed to be the perfect assistant for any pilot. This app can be purchased from the App Store at a cost of $4.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Pilot Duty & Performance Calc


Complete Aviation Tools

In the past a pilot was required to log everything by hand, which was a daunting task when you consider everything that goes into making a flight run smoothly. The introduction of computers made the pilots' lives considerably easier, but it was the advent of smartphones and tablets that has truly ushered in a revolution in the tools available to pilots. Aviation Pilot Duty & Performance Calculator is a revolutionary app that can track flight time requirements, gradients and descents, landing requirements, and various other calculations that are essential for any pilot.

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One of the great things about this app is its excellent help file; each section has step-by-step instructions to help you along the way and the instructions are extensive. It’s also well-laid-out and easy to follow. This app will require 1.4 MB of free space on your iOS device.

How it Works

The app is divided into five different categories: Duty Time, Date Calc, Cib/Des, App/Lnd, and Convert. The Duty Time section allows you to log up to 10 legs as well as inputting your total flown block time. In this section you can also include your maximum on duty time for a 24-hour period. The Date Calc function can also be used in conjunction with the Duty Time function to ensure your on duty calculations are accurate.

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The Cib/Des category allows you to enter all the necessary information to calculate your decent accurately including climb gradient, ground speed, and altitude. The App/Lnd category also includes a complete group of tools to ensure a smooth landing with nothing left to chance. Here you’ll be able to factor in the conditions of the runway and the slope of the runway; whether or not the runway is wet can have an important effect on these calculations and all of this is accounted for. The convert category allows you to input some simple conversions such as meters to feet, or Fahrenheit to Celsius. They really have included everything a pilot needs to make calculations easily and correctly in this app.  

Pilot Duty & Performance Calc


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple calculation categories
  • Excellent help section


  • None

Final Words

If you’re a pilot of a private or commercial craft you know how important it is to ensure you log all information correctly and perform all calculations accurately. There are a lot of people's lives that depend upon how well you perform your calculations.  Aviation Pilot Duty & Performance Calculator is a great app that will help you with all the calculations you are responsible in one single app. It’s a must-have for any pilot.


Pilot Duty & Performance Calc

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