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Yahoo Search app review: searching made easy



The App Store is full of apps designed to act as replacements for search engines; most of them attempt to service a particular niche such as finding songs but only a handful offer comprehensive search features. These are generally familiar names such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Yahoo Search is Yahoo’s entry in the app store and it’s a pretty good one. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Yahoo Search


Search Solutions

Yahoo has gone through some difficult times over the last few years but it’s still a force and the Yahoo Search app for iOS makes this even more apparent. This really is an excellent app that includes all the features you would expect in a search app and generally works very well. There are also some added features that you might not expect.

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This is a pretty slick app that works smoothly for the most part but I did find it failed on occasion for no particular reason. After typing in a search for a mundane topic the app simply froze. This didn’t happen very often but it was frustrating when it did. The other thing that is a little curious about this app is that it’s powered by Bing. While this doesn’t affect the accuracy of the app it is something to keep in mind if you already use Bing. There isn’t really a conflict though as Bing doesn’t have an App in the app store. There are no ads to worry about and no in-app purchases, just a search engine app that works. This app will require 15.6 MB of free space on your iOS device.

How it Works

The app has a very simple interface: when you open it you’ll see a familiar-looking search bar at the top of the screen. You can either type in your search in the bar or tap on the microphone to say your search. This is a great feature which is quite simple to use. The first time you use it you will be asked for permission to access your microphone and then it’s just a matter of speaking your search term and waiting for it to return the results. The whole process takes a couple of seconds and best of all it’s faster than typing and a lot easier on your hands.

Once you’ve typed in a search you’ll notice three options on the bottom of the search results and by default the search will select the Web. You can also search online images and videos as well which has become standard in any search engine. These developers haven’t made any attempts to reinvent the wheel here, they’ve included everything you’d expect in a search engine and they’ve done it well.

Yahoo Search


Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Standard search features
  • Ability to use voice control for search


  • The app does freeze on occasion

Final Words

Yahoo Search is an excellent search engine app. It includes both standard typed searches as well as voice controlled searches. It’s simple to use and it works well. The app does freeze on occasion but it’s infrequent and you can quickly re-enter your search. If you want an effective search app you should definitely give Yahoo Search a try. 

Yahoo Search

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