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FindMyCar app review: find your car quickly and easily



If you travel around by car then you have most definitely been in the situation where you have parked your car and had a problem finding it again. The FindMyCar app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a wonderful tool for drivers that will ensure you never have to roam through the parking lot, down the side streets, and up and down aisles searching for your vehicle. This comes in handy around town and while traveling where you may not be familiar with the different streets and parking lots so finding your way back can be a bit tricky.

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FindMyCar - Easy parking app


Park Your Car Without Worry

Thanks to the FindMyCar app you can now park your car without worrying about how you’ll remember where it is located. No more having to memorize landmarks and signs just to find your way back, this app makes things extremely quick and easy. Once you park your car just tap on the button that will set the position of the location. When you are ready to head back to your car just hit that button again and let the app guide you to the parking spot.

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The app requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and it is a brand-new release. Although there haven't been any updates yet the developers plan to offer two more languages and Apple and Google turn-by-turn directions/navigation in the next version. There are no customer comments at this time nor is there a customer rating yet.

Tap on the button to remember where you are parked
Tap on the button to remember where you are parked

The User Experience

Thanks to the single-button functionality this app couldn't possibly be any easier to use. With the FindMyCar app you won't even have to figure out the name of the street you're parked on, the storefront, or the closest major intersection, the app just automatically finds your position. When you go back to your car the app is able to find you the quickest route as well so you don't find yourself going the long way or worse yet walking in circles completely lost.

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There is nothing confusing or overwhelming about this user interface it has been designed with simplicity as the focus, which really works to its advantage. The app is perfect for those who don’t want to be bogged down by needless feature, recording information on their own, and multiple menus to have to go through just to perform a simple task.

Tap the same buttons to get directions back to your car
Tap the same buttons to get directions back to your car

FindMyCar - Easy parking app


Pros and Cons


  • The app has simplicity as the focus
  • Tap on the button to log where you are parked then tap that same button to get directions back to your spot
  • The directions back to your parking spot will be the shortest route found


  • This is a very simple offering that doesn’t include any added tools

Final Thoughts

The FindMyCar app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is the perfect way to remember where you have parked and then return to that spot. The app is basic, smooth, and user-friendly and is enough for anyone looking for a simple parking location tool.


FindMyCar - Easy parking app

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