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Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft app review: customize your Minecraft in minutes



Minecraft is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Your mission is to dig a mine and build different kinds of 3D blocks in a world that exhibits a wide array of habitats and terrains. Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft is a new application developed by Jim Hoskins to help you add vigor to this game by allowing you to change the appearance of Minecraft. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, English is the default language. 

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Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft


What Does the App Offer?

This is one of the most common questions asked by people who come across this application. Simply put, Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft will teach you how to change the general appearance of Minecraft as you progress from one block to another. The developers worked to come up with a smart interface that is extremely easy to navigate making the learning process smooth and convenient for all.

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To meet the diverse target audience needs, the app comes with tons of texture packs that are different from each other. It is recommended to compare and contrast each pack to choose one that best suits your personal taste and preferences. You can also select some of the packs and add them to your favorite list for future reference. 

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Best Features

Not everyone can be able to use the app and derive maximum utility from it especially if one has no prior experience in Minecraft games. In response to this, the developers have worked hard to compile hundreds of professional and detailed texture pack videos that one can watch to get more insights on how to use the packs.

They have also gone a step further to provide detailed how to install instructions. Be sure to read and understand these instructions to learn how to install the textures on Minecraft. The language used to explain the installation procedures is extremely easy to understand.

The app also offer unique block Ids that you can use to track your movement as you play the game. Examples of some of the texture packs available include Candy Craft, Coterie Craft, Dandelion, Dragon Dance, Tiny Pixel, Traditional Beauty, Vault Craft, and Wayukian Pack.

As mentioned earlier, this app has an interface that is easy to navigate. For example, all the icons that you need to access various resources such as videos are strategically located at the lower sections of each interface. They are very responsive so you just need to click on any of them once. 

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Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft


Pros and Cons


  • Wide array of texture packs
  • Instructional videos to guide you through installation process
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • No Internet access is required


  • The app is just a guide; you will need to download an additional texture pack from a third party to be able to change how Minecraft looks

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Final Words

Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft is a great app that you can use to learn how to change how Minecraft looks. 

Texture Packs Pro for Minecraft

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