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Cusp app review: your source of online shopping



Calling all bargain hunters who love to find the latest and greatest from all the big designers and brands when it comes to handbags and wallets! The Cusp app has been developed for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is meant to make your shopping experience simple, smooth, and fast. With just a few clicks that brand-new hobo bag, clutch purse, or wallet will be on its way to your doorstep. What's great is that you'll get your pick of all the hottest trends at great prices. 

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Cusp-Online Shopping Brand Handbags&Purses&Wallet


Get Those Sought-After Items

Instead of scouring through store after store and fighting off the crowds how would you like a simple and quick way to purchase that trendy new wallet or handbag? That's exactly what the Cusp app helps users with. This app is ideal for those looking to save themselves from the hassle of shopping in the store but it's also great for people who are looking for more variety than stores typically carry, and discounted prices. The app allows users to search by color, details, material, and brand so you can narrow it down to exactly what you want. The user interface does a great job of echoing the modern and chique feel of the items being presented.

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This catalog app is free to use and requires iOS 7.1 or later. It currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users but no customer comments. In its recent update there were a few small bug fixes to offer smoother performance for users.

Find the latest handbags and wallets with ease
Find the latest handbags and wallets with ease

Shopping and Navigating

Because users are looking for a smooth shopping experience the Cusp app has been built to be very user-friendly. The screen is clean and uncluttered so you can enjoy pictures of the items and you will be able to navigate through the app thanks to the bar along the bottom of the screen. You can check out the "Today's Deals" and "Sales Top" or search for something specific you've been wanting. Tap on the item to read the details about it. Of course you can make purchases right from within the app as it offers secure check-out and payment options.

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Additional features include being able to rate items, read customer reviews, and check out pictures of the item. You'll be able to track your order and view your full receipt within the app itself. It would be great to see a few more features added to really push this one over the top.

Cusp-Online Shopping Brand Handbags&Purses&Wallet


Pros and Cons


  • The app is easy to navigate and search for items
  • Search by a variety of criteria
  • Read customer reviews and create your own review
  • The app offers secure checkout
  • Enjoy discounted prices


  • The app is low on features and tools

Track your order
Track your order

Final Thoughts

The Cusp app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone takes away the need to fight the crowds and stand in long lines at the store. This is a user-friendly option that makes shopping a breeze.


Cusp-Online Shopping Brand Handbags&Purses&Wallet

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