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iDo Notepad Pro app review: a mobile diary



The days of writing in your heavy journal at the end of the day are long gone because now you can enjoy having your journal/diary with you at all times. The iDo Notepad Pro app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as way to jot down your day's events, activities, feelings, notes, and more. You won't have to worry about losing pages, having to carry around a cumbersome notebook, and having others see your notes. This is a user-friendly approach to journaling that is also filled with productivity tools so that it goes further than just a notebook.

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iDo Notepad Pro (Journal/Diary)


A Multi-Functional Solution

The iDo Notepad Pro app acts as a multi-functional solution in that it can be your notebook, your journal, your diary, a place to keep work notes, study notes, and more. Thanks to the variety and sheer volume of tools offered in this app it goes so much further than a basic notebook. One of the biggest advantages to using this app is the fact it supports Dropbox and iCloud syncing and backup. This means your information is always kept safe and secure and you’ll never have to worry about losing it.

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The app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and currently has a strong customer rating of four out of five stars. Users are quite impressed with the amount of tools offered, how easy it is to use, and the fact it can do so much. In its most recent update there were a number of bug fixes made and there were some improvements made for those using iOS 8.

Organize your notes how you like
Organize your notes how you like

Taking a Closer Look

Because the iDo Notepad Pro app is so loaded with features and tools it's impossible to name them all, instead here's a look at some of the most useful aspects of the app. When making your notes go ahead and add captions and photos to them, you can change the font and the style, you can choose your foreground and background, and you can even share your notes on Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage/SMS. Notes can be printed if you need it in paper and you can also set up folders to manage and organize the content.

The app allows you to set up alerts, you can import and then view PDF files, you can set up a password to keep your information safe, email notes complete with a voice recording, there is an auto-save tool, and so much more.

Change the font and style
Change the font and style

iDo Notepad Pro (Journal/Diary)


Pros and Cons


  • This app is loaded with features and tools
  • The app supports Dropbox and iCloud
  • Notes can be shared in a number of ways
  • Manage and organize your notes in folders
  • Add photos to your notes
  • Change the font and style of the note


  • There had been some small bugs which have been fixed
  • This one does have a learning curve because it is so loaded with features

Final Thoughts

The iDo Notepad Pro app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will take everything you know about a notepad and throw it out the window. This is a feature-packed approach that can change how you take and organize your notes.


iDo Notepad Pro (Journal/Diary)

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