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Ruminate app review: collect your thoughts and research



For anyone who deals with conducting research, brainstorming, and writing outlines it's always key to find a way to keep this information organized and presented in a logical manner. The Ruminate app is one that has been created for your iPad and helps people to organize all their outlines and research. The app includes a number of professional quality features which makes this perfect for students, writers, researchers, project planners, and more. The developer has gone to great lengths to ensure people don't confuse this offering with a basic whiteboard-style offering.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

If you're a student, researcher, writer, project planner, or other type of person that makes outlines, collects research, and such then the Ruminate app has been made with you in mind. The app makes it possible to get all your thoughts, ideas, facts, plans, and even supporting evidence together in one digital spot. Through this app you'll be able to combine actual hardcopy material with your ideas that you have created electronically. Your information can then be exported and shared with others as a "ready-to-edit" text file that you can then open in various types of processing software.

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This productivity based app requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and currently has four out of five stars from users. There are no customer comments at this time. In its most recent update the app has now been made to be free and without ads. At the same time there were some bug fixes made and some performance improvements made.

Use this app as a way to organize plans, outlines, and research
Use this app as a way to organize plans, outlines, and research

The User Experience

While the Ruminate app isn't loaded with tools what it does offer are seamless, customizable, and highly useful. You'll be able to import text into the app straight from the Internet by highlighting it. You can highlight the text in Ruminate and then it will set it up as a reference for you so you don't have to worry about keeping track yourself. It will provide you with the page title, the URL address, a description, and the author. You can also import such material as presentations, PDFs, documents, and other types of references. You can digitally link up items in your outline as you move through your project and get a clearer picture.

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Outlines can be shared with the Ruminate community of users, you can also exports an image, and export as text. The user interface is kept clean and uncluttered so you have plenty of space for brainstorming and organizing your ideas, plans, and research.

The app makes it possible to create references with ease
The app makes it possible to create references with ease



Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly and features a clean approach to the user interface
  • You can import a variety of items and references
  • You can export your information
  • You can share your outlines with the Ruminate community and view others’


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

The Ruminate app for your iPad makes it possible to create, save, and share your plans, ideas, research, and references all in one spot. While this one isn’t hi-tech it is certainly very well done and can prove to be quite beneficial.



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