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Camp and Tent app review: information on best campgrounds that accepts tents



During the holidays, it is always good to spend some quality time with friends or family members while camping. There are thousands of camping grounds so finding one that best suits your personal taste and preference will not be a problem. Camp and Tent is a new iOS application developed by Allstays LLC to provide users with a comprehensive list of all camping sites or grounds that allow clients to use their own tents. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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Camp and Tent


Get Instant Access to Professionally Managed Camping Grounds

Camp and Tent is an incredible iOS application that you can use to get accurate information on various great camping grounds. The developers have incorporate special feature that allows the app to displays all the sites in an intuitive map view to help users get a clear perspective of its location and nearby amenities such as shopping malls and entertainment joints. They have also gone a step further to provide photos of the site. Unlike other similar apps, this one covers all BLM and National Park camping sites. Therefore, you will not need to download an additional application.

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To ensure that it offers relevant results whenever you conduct a search, this app is programmed to use the latest GPS technology to know your specific location and generate a map of all camping grounds around you. Currently, it provides details of over 21,000 camping grounds in both U.S. and Canada.

Best Features

One of the best features of using Camp and Tent is that it covers a wide array of camping grounds. For instance, you will get information on camping grounds that are located in State Parks, BLM, National Parks, Military famcamps, Army Corps of Engineers, State Forests, and the list continues. You just need to select the specific area that you would want to camp and the app will provide you with details of all camping sites in that specific location.

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The app also goes a step further to provide details of numerous social amenities that you might need while camping such as rate range, sites, water, toilets, tables, playgrounds, firewood, boat launch, Internet connection, and the list continues.

Another major attribute is that the app is not reliant on Internet. That is, you can use it in areas with limited Internet connection and still derive maximum utility from it. This is based on the fact that all the data such as maps are stored on your phone and the app uses GPS technology. 

Camp and Tent


Pros and Cons


  • Great interface that is very user-friendly
  • Can work perfectly in areas with limited Internet connection
  • Generates maps and any other information you need in seconds
  • Provides a wide array of camping sites


  • The GPS feature will not work well when camping in cloudy weather conditions

Final Thoughts

Camp and Tent is a nice app that you can use to get the best camping experience. It is quite easy to use and the maps are easy to interpret.


Camp and Tent

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