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iOrnament app review: draw creative geometry art with the touch of a finger 2021



iOrnament: draw creative geometry art is an iPhone and iPad drawing app that also involves scientific algorithms.

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In this sketching app for iPhone, you use creativity and math to create amazingly ornamental designs with the touch of a finger. Is this the top iPhone app for drawing? Let's find out in our iOrnament app review. 

iOrnament: draw creative geometry art


Create Amazing Designs with the Touch of a Finger

iOrnament is a unique coloring and design app that allows you to create geometric patterns based on scientific and mathematical algorithms.

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My daughter, who is almost seven, figured out how to create fantastic multicolored designs quickly on my iPhone, but I encouraged her to try on my iPad where she could have a larger surface to create.

iOrnament repeats the strokes that you make on the screen according to the rules of symmetry. You can create fascinating ornamental and intricate designs.

There is an interactive pop-up tutorial and there are many drawing tips to help you create fantastic designs if you choose to go through the steps rather than trial and error.

Create Amazing Designs with the Touch of a Finger image

Fascinating Patterns

What I like about iOrnament is that it is both artistically and mathematically fascinating. Your simple finger strokes are mirrored in symmetry according to the rules of the 17 crystallographic wallpaper groups. This means that the strokes result in kaleidoscope like pictures, tilings, and complicated knots.

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If you’re looking for education, then there is an interactive pop-up book that will explain the mathematical backgrounds on the theory of wallpaper groups. There is also a sampler of classical ornaments from ancient cultures such as mandalas and mosaics.

The app is designed based on extensive experience in interactive science exhibitions, and is fun for all ages.

As mentioned above, my older daughter found it, and then my two-year-old started playing and even my 12-year-old son got into it. It was really neat to watch the three of them all playing together, cooperating to create a work of art.

Fascinating Patterns image

iOrnament: draw creative geometry art


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Unique construction and application
  • Easy creation of colorful and artful geometric patterns


  • None found

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

iOrnament: draw creative geometry art is an iPhone and iPad geometric art app that utilizes scientific and mathematical algorithms. It creates symmetrical works of art that are easily shared and saved.

It allows you to select colors from many options on the palette, and also lets you create anything from simple to complex patterns. It is a versatile app that anyone from three up can enjoy, and includes an educational pop-up book explaining some historical occurrences of similar patterns.

I enjoyed playing with my kids with this app, and watching them learn and experiment. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to the artist, mathematician, or scientist studying patterns. It was a great experience to learn to use and play with.

iOrnament: draw creative geometry art

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