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Traffic Updates app review: get real-time traffic updates on your iPhone



Traffic snarl-ups are something to which most people living in the urban areas have become accustomed. Bill Core has developed an iOS application that is tailored to provide users with real-time traffic updates to help them avoid jams and unforeseen diversions. It is fully compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, the default language is English.

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Traffic Updates


Get Timely Traffic Updates on Your Phone

Traffic updates is a reliable iOS application that will help you prepare for your road trip or drive to work by providing you with accurate and real time traffic updates. The developer used the latest computer programming techniques so quality and value for your time and money is guaranteed. Despite the fact that it is only available in one language, users who do not understand English can still benefit from it as it uses road signs that are globally recognized to describe the situation in various roads.

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The interactive map is one of the major attributes that gives this app a higher cutting edge in the market. You will get a clear view of all the roads that you will need to drive on to get to your destination as well as shortcuts that you can use to evade the jams. The map is utterly easy to interpret and is optimized to work perfectly in all screen resolutions. Note that you do not need to change any settings on your phone to start using the application. 

Get Timely Traffic Updates on Your Phone image

Best Features of Traffic Updates iTunes Application

Traffic Updates is an exceptional iTunes application that is incomparably to all other similar mobile applications in the world today. One of the best features is the high definition maps that it generates to help you make informed decisions while on the road. In fact, you can access the maps before getting into your car to know the best routes to use. This will in the end help you save time and money that would have been spent on fuel.

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To make it ideal for all levels of users, the developer uses globally recognized road signs. It also goes a step further to provide specific details of the causes of traffic snarl-ups. Since it uses GPS to know your location, it is recommendable to turn on your device’s GPRS and connect your device to a reliable Internet connection to get the best results. Be sure to turn it off when you are not using it to save your battery power.

Best Features of Traffic Updates iTunes Application image

Traffic Updates


Pros and Cons


  • A serviceable real time traffic app 
  • Provides detailed information on causes of traffic snarl-ups
  • Uses globally recognized road signs that are easy to interpret
  • Updates are sent in real time even during wee hours of the night


  • Your device has to have GPS feature and be connected to a reliable Internet connection

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Traffic updates is an amazing application that you can use to avoid traffic jams and other inconveniences while driving. It is easy to use and only offers credible information to users.

Traffic Updates

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