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Zoom Weather Pro app review: personalized weather and storm-tracking application



While traveling or planning for a trip, it is recommended to take into consideration the local weather conditions. Zoom Weather Pro is an iOS application developed by TAP Publishing Company with real-time information on the weather conditions in various parts of the world. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and English is the default language.

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Zoom Weather Pro


Get Accurate Local and International Weather Forecast

Zoom Weather Pro is an intuitive application that you can count on to provide you with a reliable weather forecast. The developers worked smart to come up with a smart interface that is user friendly and very easy to use as compared to the conventional weather forecasting mobile applications. Since its inception into the market, it has attracted over 1 million downloads from all across the globe.

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To know your specific location, it uses GPS technology of your phone so it is important to ensure to turn on this feature on your device to get the best results. You will not only get local weather forecast but also details of weather conditions in various parts of the world.

The app uses NEXRAD level 3 radar imagery to present the forecast. This makes it extremely easy for users to interpret the images and make informed decisions. In addition, it uses radar-filtering capability for base and composite reflectivity. By downloading the app, you are guaranteed a five-day local forecast at no extra cost. 

Best Features

One of the highlights of using Zoom Weather Pro is that it uses the latest weather forecasting technology. This enables it to come up with accurate weather reports that resonate with the needs and expectations of the users.

Apart from providing weather forecasts, the app can also be used to track storms. This information will come in handy especially if you intend to travel using a ship or visit an area that is close to the ocean. The app is programmed to generate unique color-coded storm tracks. You can use this information to know the specific locations that the storms is expected to hit. It is important to note that the locations are plotted at 15-, 30-, 45-, and 60-minute intervals.

Other storm details that the app offers include Storm cell identity, Mesocyclone strength, vertically integrated liquid, Tornadic vortex signature, Echo tops and many more. You will need a deep or background understanding of how storms occur to interpret this information correctly. For instance, details of storm velocity may be difficult to interpret if you have no prior experience in monitoring storms.

Zoom Weather Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Generates color-coded tracks that you can use to monitor storms
  • Accurate weather forecast details
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Provides detailed information about the expected storms


  • Additional skill and expertise is required to interpret the radar images 

Final Thoughts

Zoom Weather Pro is an amazing app that you can use to get accurate weather forecast and track storms. It is easy to use and the images are extremely detailed. 


Zoom Weather Pro

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