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SnapRoll for Snapchat app review: uploading photos and videos from camera roll to Snapchat



Snapchat users can now upload photos and videos directly from their camera roll by using SnapRoll. This app also allows you to save snapped photos and videos so you can view them using your device’s media player. Developed by Che Guan, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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UploadRoll - Upload Snap, Videos & Stories from Camera Roll


SnapRoll Redefines Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile messaging platform where users can snap and send photos to their contacts. What’s unique about Snapchat is that it immediately deletes sent photos within a few seconds. It has become a popular conversation platform among the younger generation.

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Unfortunately, Snapchat cannot import photos from your device’s camera roll and it will not allow you to save received photos. To overcome these limitations, you can download SnapRoll on the App Store and install it in your device. This app will redefine the way you use Snapchat.

To get started, you have to log-in with SnapRoll using your Snapchat credentials. The app automatically integrates with the camera roll after setup. So when you open the SnapRoll home screen, you will be able to select any photo or video from the camera roll and send it to your Snapchat contacts.

Additionally, SnapRoll allows you to save all photos and videos that you have received from your contacts. Simply tap the save button displayed on screen to keep copies of snapped photos on your device. 

Best Features of SnapRoll for Snapchat

SnapRoll offers a familiar user interface that mimics the layout of your device’s camera roll app. It organizes photos and videos in separate albums and displays all available image thumbnails in a tile format. The app’s workflow is straightforward with simple navigation for ease of access.

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This app integrates seamlessly with your Snapchat account. It automatically syncs with your contact list so you can access it directly from SnapRoll’s interface. It also allows you to send a photo or video to multiple contacts with one tap.  

SnapRoll offers a built-in save feature that allows you to capture sent photos or videos. Whenever you receive a photo from one of your contacts, the app will open the save option. Just tap the save button and the photo will be stored in your local camera roll folder.

Lastly, the app uses virtual coins for sending photos. You can earn coins by completing some in-app offers. You may also buy coin packages in order to enjoy unlimited photo and video sharing. 

UploadRoll - Upload Snap, Videos & Stories from Camera Roll


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a familiar user interface
  • With simple workflow and professional design
  • Offers quick setup and Snapchat integration
  • Allows you to send photos from your camera roll
  • With save option for received photos and video
  • Allows you to send photos to multiple contacts


  • Requires the use of in-app coins for sending photos
  • Some content may not be suitable for minors

Final Thoughts

SnapRoll is a unique app exclusively for Snapchat users. It allows you to send camera roll photos to your friends in Snapchat. Most importantly, the app allows you to save received photos and videos. If you are frequently using Snapchat to exchange photos and video with friends, then this is a good app for you. 


UploadRoll - Upload Snap, Videos & Stories from Camera Roll

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