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FlowPlus app review: add and subtract



FlowPlus: Add. Subtract. Enter the Flow. is an iPhone and iPad educational game that gives you five seconds on normal mode, and 10 seconds on beginner mode to complete a mathematical question. If you mess up you can clear your answer, but you have to be quick or it’ll be marked wrong. Three strikes and you’re out.

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FlowPlus: Add. Subtract. Enter the Flow.


Add and Subtract

FlowPlus is a game for adding and subtracting questions. In the normal mode you are given five seconds to type in your answer, but in beginner mode you get 10 seconds. The facts are in the ones and tens, and they increase in difficulty as you go on through the game. It is a game of completion meaning that your score is based on how many questions you get correct. There are also levels to complete, and you get three chances to have wrong answers per level. If you get three wrong in one level the game is over.

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I liked the layout of the game with the numbers in a number pad at the bottom and the question above on note paper. The font is also attractive and easy to read. I can see this game being useful to parents, educators, and tutors. I will be giving this app a try with my tutoring student next week as it is a very fun game to play. She has complained about the layout of number pads in the past, so I think she will appreciate this option.

Use it at School or at Home

FlowPlus will be useful whether you use it in the classroom or at home. Students will like practicing their skills on the iPad, and they’ll also like competing with each other. The game does sync with Game Center, so if you are a gamer who loves math, then this could also fit in a fun niche for you.

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The game reminded me of the Mad Minutes I used to have to complete in elementary school, and I really like to give these to my tutoring students. It’s a good warm up activity to practice skills, and kids like to see how far they can get too. The app adds in levels and the three strike rule that only creates more excitement.

FlowPlus: Add. Subtract. Enter the Flow.


Pros & Cons


  • Only $1.99
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Mad Minute style game but also includes levels
  • Parents can play with their kids, teachers with students, and gamers with friends


  • None found

Final Thoughts

FlowPlus: Add. Subtract. Enter the Flow. is an iPhone and iPad game that will help you practice your skills. I appreciate that the layout of the numbers is in a calculator number pad format, as some of my students have commented on other apps that it’s hard to find numbers on the line style. I also like the font that they chose to use as it made it easy to read and looked nice too. Overall, it is a well-designed and thought out app that I’d recommend to parents and educators alike.


FlowPlus: Add. Subtract. Enter the Flow.

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