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Clear Day® app review: get accurate weather forecasts in HD



In the current wake of climate change and global warming, it is imperative to monitor the ever-changing weather conditions. Vimov, LLC has developed a unique iOS application, Clear Day® that is tailored to provide unbiased and accurate details of the weather conditions in various parts of the world. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages are Dutch, Korean, English, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Up to date, it has amassed over 6 million downloads. 

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Clear Day® - Weather HD Lite


The Most Interactive Weather App

Clear Day® is no doubt one of the most interactive, accurate, and reliable source of information on weather conditions in various parts of the world. One of the highlights that set it apart from other applications is that it not only provides weather details but also stunning videos to give you a clear perspective of the weather conditions.

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The app also offers animated NOAA radar view of the entire globe in 3D. This will go a long way in helping you understand the climatic conditions in various continents especially when planning to travel. By downloading this application, you will get 7-day and 24-hour weather forecasts on your iPhone or iPad devices. Some of the weather conditions that it provides details about include humidity, precipitation, wind chill, heat index, sunrise, sunset, pressure, and visibility. 

Best Features

Apart from the animated videos, Clear Day® has a patent-pending Quickview feature that you can use to know the weather conditions in various cities at a glance. This will save time that you would have spent search for each city separately.

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In addition, you will get timely alerts on severe weather conditions from MeteoAlarm and National Weather Service if you reside in USA and Europe. It is also important to note that the app comes with a notification center widget that you can download to view forecast instantly on your screen even when it is locked.

Another superior feature that Clear Day® offers to users is the stunning weather maps that clearly shows the heat index and cloud cover in various parts of the world. Unlike conventional apps that only provide moving images, this one goes a step further to generate beautiful weather videos that you can watch on your device to get a vivid mental picture of the weather conditions in various cities and countries.

As you continue using the app, you will unlock two fun themes, New Year and Spooky Theme that are designed to ensure that you get the best experience. You can also share weather forecasts with friends through Facebook directly from the app.

Clear Day® - Weather HD Lite


Pros and Cons


  • Stunning weather videos and maps
  • QuickView feature to help you know weather conditions in multiple locations at once
  • Timely severe weather alerts
  • Provides weather forecast of all countries


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Clear Day® is an awesome iOS application that you can use to get weather forecast on your fingertips. The maps and videos are easy to interpret.


Clear Day® - Weather HD Lite

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