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Inventory Now app review: inventory management made easy-2020



Running a business is not always a bed of roses. Business owners are bound to face a couple of challenges along the way such as managing finances properly, maintaining clients, balancing quality and growth among others. But perhaps the greatest challenge is finding the right inventory management app.

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Managers have to keep track of the products and services in and out of the organization. This is where the Inventory Now app comes in handy. It's a stock tracker app tailored to help users oversee the inflow and outflow of their products efficiently.

Inventory now app gives you a high level view of all your inventory in one place so you can easily sort, filter, or search articles with single sheet. The feature to sync multiple devices used by multiple people using this stock tracking app greatly improves communication and data transfer between workers inside a single company. Let's see if this is one of the best business apps for iPad, iPhone or the iPod Touch.

Inventory Now: product tracker


Keep Track of Profits

The chief problem that owners face when it comes to inventory management is standardizing data. Inventory Now application incorporates only the relevant details that will be of benefit in managing your inventory.

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In addition, it provides the company manager with a summary report stating the profits, profit margins and the accumulated profits. Accumulated profits are the gains calculated with exclusion of costs of products that are still on hand. With such a summary report, it becomes easier for an owner to decide on which items to purchase in greater quantities and which ones to reduce.

The app also has a standardized product lifecycle. The lifecycle has the following stages: Bought- received- sold- shipped- delivered. Nonetheless, if you wish to omit any of the steps, the app allows you to easily turn off a particular setting.

Keep Track of Profits   image

Best Features

One key highlight of the Inventory Now application is that it provides you with a pretty simplified overview. Users are able to see the entire inventory on one screen. This makes it easy to compare inventories of the current month with previous monthly entries. What’s more, it provides you with options of sorting and filtering vital information.

Inventory Now app features a unique design and structure that only displays relevant categories of an inventory. It leaves out categories that are not important and relevant to inventories. Some of the categories integrated in the app include: date, category, name, barcode, location, and a freeform Notes section.

This last section provides room for users to fill in crucial details regarding an item that may not fit in the other categories.

The unit pricing feature is of indispensable help with regards to inventory management. It allows users to key in a unit cost and unit sale price. Afterwards, once the item has either been purchased or sold, the app will automatically compute how much you paid or received.

Inventory management app requires iOS 11.0 or macOS 10.15 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Stock tracking app will need only 12.8 MB of free memory space on your mobile device to download and install. Supported language is English only. It currently has a rating four point six out of five stars.

Best Features image

Inventory Now: product tracker


Pros and Cons


  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Allows for automation of pricing calculation
  • Offers great customer support
  • Has customized quick filters


  • Users have to be knowledgeable in English so as to efficiently navigate the application

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you own a business, Inventory Now app will be of immense help in terms of managing your inventory. Efficient management of inventory will in turn help you monitor income being generated and yield you profits. As far as inventory management goes, this is one of the top business apps for your iDevice.

Inventory Now: product tracker

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