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Storm Tracker 3 app review: get hour-by-hour weather forecast reports



Weather is one of the most dynamic environmental factors that people should always be informed about for both convenience and safety. Storm Tracker 3 is an exceptional iOS application developed by LIN Television Corporation to give users undisputed weather forecast reports. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages are Spanish and English.

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Storm Tracker 3 - Wichita Radar & Forecasts


Get Customized Weather Forecast Reports

Storm Tracker 3 is dedicated application that will work to ensure that various weather conditions do not catch you unprepared or off-guard. It was designed and programmed by experts who have years of experience and an in-depth understanding of various weather conditions. One of the highlights that make this app special is that it generates weather forecast reports based on your geographical location.

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To ensure that you get the best experience, the developers went an extra mile to procure and use advanced radar maps and state-of-the art digital and weather technology. For instance, you will be able to use interactive radar that you can use to track storms and know if your specific location will be affected.

In addition, you can set customized alerts to ensure that you are not affected by severe weather conditions. The app has a built-in system that will automatically detect the upcoming weather conditions such as storms in advance to help you vacate or take cover in a secure building. All the alerts will be displayed on the main screen. You can also set it to alert you by producing special sounds. 

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The live interactive radar is one of the major features that give Storm Tracker 3 an upper hand when compared to other conventional weather forecasting mobile applications. This radar has multiple layering options that you can use to track storms in your locality like a professional.

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Another major reason why you should download this application is that it will provide you with accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the coming days. This will help you come up with solid weekly plans and achieve your set goals and objectives. For instance, if you intend to hold a barbecue in your lyard during the weekend, Storm Tracker 3 will help you set the most appropriate date by furnishing you with possible weather conditions at a specific day.

It is also possible to share the weather forecast with friends through Facebook and Twitter platforms. Alternatively, you can send the forecast via email or text message. If you are interested in knowing weather conditions in various cities across the United States, Storm Tracker 3 is a perfect choice as it allows users to set multiple custom locations and track radar, forecasts, and get alerts of imminent severe weather conditions.

Storm Tracker 3 - Wichita Radar & Forecasts


Pros and Cons


  • Access to latest video forecast from Storm Tracker personnel
  • Ability to monitor weather conditions of multiple cities
  • Interactive and high-definition radar that you can use to track storms


  • You can only use the app in the United States

Final Thoughts

Storm Tracker 3 is an intuitive and reliable iOS application that you can count on to give you accurate information on weather conditions in various parts of the United States. 


Storm Tracker 3 - Wichita Radar & Forecasts

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