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TideTrac app review: best source of information on tides 2021



Getting information on ocean tides can be an uphill task if you do not have access to ocean weather forecasts. Rivolu Pte Ltd has developed an iPhone nautical app called TideTrac that is tailored to furnish you facts on tides.

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It nautical app is also compatible with the iPad. Keep reading our TideTrac app review for more details. When done, let us know if you think this is a top nautical app for iPhone and iPad. 



Get Accurate Tide Reports

TideTrac is an intuitive application that is programmed using the latest technology so accurate tide forecast and value for your time is guaranteed. Since its introduction to the market, it has generated millions of downloads from all across the globe.

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One of the major highlights that give it a higher cutting edge is that the information is collected from hundreds of tide stations located along U.S. coastline.

The developers have worked to incorporate retina display support in a bid to ensure that the graphs that it generates are clear and in line with your device's screen resolution. Apart from providing you with details about tides, it will also give you information about the sun and moon. For instance, you will get information on sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moon set.

Despite the detailed maps that it offers, the app is very responsive and generates all the information in seconds. It also has a user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to navigate as compared to other conventional mobile applications.

For instance, all the tide graphs are presented in one dedicated interface to avoid any confusion. All you need to do is click on “Tide Graph” icon located at the top section of the interface to view the graphs.

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Best Features

One of the highlights that give this application an upper hand is that all the information that it provides is sourced from thousands of tide stations located along U.S. coastline. In addition, this information is collected using state of the art equipment and validated by experts before being made available to you on this app.

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Another major feature is that all the stations are plotted in a modern and high-definition map. The main essence of doing this is to make it easy for users to browse and select stations. You can also select and add some of the stations to your favorite list for future reference.

Your device does not have to be connected to the Internet so you can still view the tide graphs and tide events even when offline. More importantly, you will get a comprehensive analysis of tide data for the whole month as well as low and high tides for the selected day. 

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Pros and Cons


  • Ability to view tide data for a whole month
  • Information is presented in simple graphs
  • Works perfectly whether you are offline or online
  • Intuitive moon calendar that displays the different phases of moon on your iPad


  • Does not provide details about marine weather conditions such as humidity and sea surface temperature

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

TideTrac is the most convenient and reliable source of information on tides. It is easy to use and no prior experience is required as the information is presented in a simplified form. 


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